Why Even Venomous Snakes Never Win Against Mongooses?

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Mongooses and snakes are born enemies, they cannot tolerate each other. Among snakes, there are non-venomous to venomous whose bites can kill an animal or a person. There is a sense of spreading danger whenever snakes are around. But mongooses are the only animals that snakes want to stay far away from. They both cannot stay side by side, snakes are sure to be defeated. There are many reasons that the venomous bite of the snakes can do on its only enemy in the world.

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Why Mongoose is able to win even against venomous snakes?

Mongoose is almost undefeatable, it is the reason that this animal is banned in New Zealand. It can kill any animal; an increase in its population is a sign of danger for the survival of other animals. Even snakes are not able to survive when encountered in any fight with their enemy. The weird nature of the destroyer is not at all liked as a pet or even in forests. Snakes are allowed in zoos but mongooses are not. Venomous snakes can spread the terror of death wherever it goes but their poison does not act on the flexible and fur-coated body.

Between the fight for life and death the snake’s bite, the poison does not work on the mongoose. The presence of the acetyl chlorine receptor (AChR) alpha subunit in the muscles nicotinic makes it the winner. It acts as a great protector against poisons. This helps them to survive even against the bite of the cobra; they can defeat the most venomous one.

The muscles are thick coats with specific chemical presence disabling the poison to work on it. Above all the outer part of the Mongoose body is covered with fur. The flexibility of the animal is an essential feature that allows escaping the bites of any type of snake.

How does a mongoose kill a snake?

Killing a snake is not easy; it has the ability to escape with quick and flexible body movements. When they find their prey around or any enemy nearby, it is their venomous teeth that help them to escape and survive. Hunting of snakes is exceptional, as mongoose has an extraordinary ability to move. Their high-rated flexibility and speed do not allow the serpentine to win.

In the initial stage, the mongoose continuously plays with the target until it gets tired. Once the target gets tired it is easy to hunt them. Highly energetic and flexible animal with a protective coating, mongoose can fight till the end, first playing with them and then slowly bringing them into their control and continue fighting with them unless they stop moving.

Even when venomous snakes bite and try to run away the quick movements of a mongoose stops them to escape. Indian mongooses are trained as pets and kept at home. It is because of the destructive nature they keep unwanted animals away from the property boundary. Rarely snakes are seen to win as they can hardly bite consecutively two to three times at once. About 80 percent of the mongoose winning records confirms against the venomous cobras.

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