When Did You Last Hear Rats Laughing?

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Rats are mammals that can laugh; it may be a strange experience for humans to know that rats laughing. But only a few have heard about their laughs of the small creatures who roam around in the darkness. When they run around in dark their groups are sometimes seen running in the fun. Enjoying throughout the surfaces they jump and laugh making a strange sound.

Somewhere and somehow many have heard the sounds while few may have not at all. No, it is not similar at all; to the Orangutans or the Chimpanzee with their entire teeth out. The rat ensures laughter that is a kind of human version.

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Hear rats laughing when tickled

Though the populations of the rats have reduced there are still millions who are hidden underground. They love to be tickled and will definitely return to the same position again and again after they experience the same feeling.

When the rats are frightened or feel a sense of trouble the frequency of their sound is 22 kHz. But when they are happy their sounds can raise from 50 kHz and above. Imagine when a mammal brain can be happy. When they are surrounded by food, they are busy eating, and when they are socially interacting.

When comparing the laughter frequency of the rats to the human it is more or less similar. The sound is very common that a person can hear but at a lower frequency. Incase if the rats are present nearby.

Rats have been never a good friend of humans to stay together and so if they have heard the sound. Humans may never have liked the sound. People never like to be around noisy places when the rats are making a peculiar sound it may be laughing or frightening.

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Tickling at trunk region

The rat’s bodies have their tickling sensation hidden in the trunk region. Present in the somatosensory cortex this trunk part that involves in developing laughter after ticklish feeling on rats. The calls of laughter are at short durations when they are excited or tickled.

The laughter of the rats describes the excitement due to the tickling or excitement. They can feel happy and laugh when they want to express themselves while interacting with other rats. When a person hears the rat laughing can easily find out their excitements in three ways.

Firstly, the frequency that is high to 50 kHz, the ticklish behavior to the rats can enable a person to hear the sound of their laughter. When it is in groups it is higher in frequency, and a person can easily understand that rats laugh.

Secondly, the gentle or light tickling does not increase the frequency and not audible to the human ears.

Thirdly, when chasing the rats or playing games together, in all such cases the sound of the laughter is similar to the giggling of small children. This is audible to the human ears.

Since Rats are close to the human livelihood, it is easy to feel the laughter of the small mammalians around. But, it is fewer people who are aware that rats laugh and may not have known that they were laughing.

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