Shit! Spilled Water on Your Phone? Here’s How You Can Fix it

Spilled Water on Phone

Spilled Water on Phone – Our hearts come in our mouth when we spill water on the phone accidentally.

We try to fan it, dry it with hair drier by carefully dismantling it but when everything seems to fail, we give up itself as gone. But, you don’t know that it’s barely time for it to settle in its grave. There is still life left to it and you can give it a new lease of the same at home only.

Hang on! were you contemplating a visit to the nearby store, you are just only establishing yourself as a Bakra to them who would fleece you by more than one means and excuses.

Your smartphone is very dear to you, we completely understand because it never came easy on your pocket and you should not stop without trying to recover it from the water damage.

Spilled Water on Phone –

Spilled Water on Phone –

  1. The thumb rule of saving your phone from damage is not panicking, that way you will only worsen the situation. You need to immediately pick it out of water without standing there and brooding about the consequences.
  2. Turn off the phone immediately which will protect the battery. if you can remove the battery from the phone it will be a complete saving grace for it. The next step is to remove the SIM card or Micro SD card from the phone and use paper towel to dry the phone as much as possible.
  3. One thing is for sure, however tempting it may seem, you should not use a hair drier to dry it out which will do more harm that good. Using hair drier will push the water deep inside. Instead, you can use vacuum cleaner in the less accessible areas such as headphone jack.
  4. The next step might amaze you but it works like magic. Put your smart phone immediately in a bag full of rice or cereal which will absorb the residual moisture from the phone. Alternatively, you can use silica gel which come in small balls that are found in shoe boxes.
  5. Keep it right there for 35-48 seconds straight because if you open it immediately, it won’t probably be ready yet to use. It can transform into a complete brick and what you have feared it to be, useless. So, make sure to give it sometime to dry out completely so that after wards, using the phone will be hassle-free for you.

Some useful pointers to remember:

  • Don’t put your smartphone in the tumble-dryer.
  • Don’t leave your wet phone on the radiator
  • Don’t use a hair drier right after the phone was fallen in water
  • Refrain from keeping your wet phone in the freezer

Spilled water on Phone – These are the easy and affordable tricks to dry out your wet phones and recover them from water damage.


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