Silence Can Be Intolerant Proven By The World’s Quietest Place

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Silence for a long time cannot be tolerated it is proven by the quietest place in the world Orfield Laboratory. According to the researches it was observed that a person cannot stay for more than 45 minutes in the room. It is true that due to a regular hectic schedule in life it is difficult to find some peace. Somehow or the other people are always looking for peace and silence.

But the silence of this Orfield Lab is scary, it does not allow a person to stay here for long. The quietest chamber of the world cannot be silent without noise but not peaceful at all.

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99.9 percent of soundproof is the world’s quietest place

The chamber has blocked the sound to 99.9 percent, which does allow any natural or artificial sounds to enter the space. While measuring the silence inside the chamber, the sound is 9 decibels. It is not equal to the natural silence in which humans are habituated. The silence inside a room, sound can be the least to 30 decibels. But a person who has the quietest room has less or no chance to stay inside the chamber beyond 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

People are always seeking peace of mind but this kind of silence cannot keep a man feel secured and peaceful. Whenever there is silence the sounds of nature heals the mind. Practically a person finds peaceful areas or space in the presence of natural sounds. The breeze of air, the chirping of birds, and the sounds of insects at night can be rejuvenating. But the quietest place has no scope for any natural air to flow which does not allow a person to connect to nature or the outside world.

Anechoic chamber

The anechoic chamber does not produce any echo. So, if you think of hearing yourself even no external sound is around. You will not be able to hear yourself either. The chamber of the quietest place in the world absorbs the entire sound.

Orfield Laboratory of USA has thick fiberglass with acoustic wedges. It is 3.3 feet thick and acts as a soundproof foam. Above all, it is insulated with steel walls which are surrounded by a wall that is concrete made. The concrete wall is one foot thick, together it blocks the sound forming an anechoic chamber.

Why was the world’s quiet place built?

The main intention of building the world’s quietest place was for quality checkup of products. Testing of different audio technologies is carried out in this chamber. It enables for proper designing of the product to check the amount of sound produced by any new product. It is built in the Microsoft headquarters for testing with measurements and scientific developments.

But this place is also open for visitors who want to experience the environment of the anechoic chamber of the quietest place on the earth.

Silence can drive a person mad, it may cause hallucination also restriction of sense organs functions misleads to orientation. So, peace in touch with nature is beautiful but blocking nature silence cannot be defined as peace.

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