Is Animal With Nine Brains More Intelligent Than Human

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The octopus is the animal with the highest number of brains in the body. This sea animal has nine brains that individually work for the functioning of the body.  Comparing to human bodies it is supposed to be intelligent. Human has only one brain and this sea animal have nine. One brain rests on the head while what about the rest eight? They are present in the arms, each possesses one micro brain.  Though they are not as big as the main brain but small in size points as more intelligent than human.

What are the functions proving them intelligent?

Brain not only in the head of an octopus but the rest in the arms have proven their intelligence. Their brains are larger comparing to other animals or mammals. It means that they have a greater ability to prove their capacity and intelligence more than humans. They are flexible as well as a good swimmer underwater. 

Few of the advantages of Octopus are:

Problem-solving skills

Octopus has good problem-solving skills and ability. When comparing to other sea animals and humans their way of solving is rather quick and effective. Whatever may be a situation? It may be handling an unknown condition or catching prey. The entire thing is solving by problem-solving skills. Maybe catching a shrimp or pulling out a small fish from any pot, an octopus knows what should it do to accomplish the work. 

Easily catch preys

The brains in the arms may be small in size but they are perfectly used to measure the angles and positions of their prey. It is one of the reasons that they do not have to work or run much after and by stretching their arms can pull in towards them. The extra arms provide extra support to their hunting techniques. 

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They can use tools

What if shells within the sea or rocks are used as tools? Generally, there are land animals that are seen using tools to hunt or for shelter. Octopuses use rocks, broken glasses, and shells for building their dens. Stones are arranged as the main way to keep away the enemies. 


The ways of an octopus may not be using speeches like humans. But it is distinctive and useful when they change colors, spread their arms or limbs to communicate. Communication is mostly through changing of postures, they are witty and flexible. It is also a way to camouflage underneath the sea. 


The nines brains of the octopus enable prey and survive. They can recognize humans, which means that they have a good memory. Any color or uniform seen more than one time is recorded in their brain. 

Good escapes technique proves more intelligent than human

Each time they have some new and good techniques to escapes from their enemies. They are not easily caught, as their flexibility and camouflaging capacity can help them to change their postures. Instead of using all the arms, it can also locomote by just through its two arms. 

Above all, they are good and responsible mothers who can end their life for their little ones!

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