If You Want To Predict Temperature Count Cricket Chirps. Here’s Why?

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Listening to the birds and insects sound is an amazing experience. All kinds of birds say something or the other that nature and humans can realize. Such a wonderful feeling can be achieved from the chirping of the cricket insect. The chirping of the insect can help to learn and predict nature. If you count the cricket chirps, the insect you can easily find the rise and decrease in the temperature.

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Reason why Cricket acts as a thermometer

Yes, they can be believed to be a living thermometers, that can indicate the changes in temperature of a day. The insect starts tweeting at a low rate, if you can clearly hear them in the early morning they are slow while as the temperature increases in the afternoon they chatter faster. The reason is the relaxation in the muscles of the insect. Different reactions in the body due to the changes in the weather lead to bring a difference which makes them a sensible indicator as a thermometer.

The colder the weather, you can realize in the early morning or during the winters. The chirping of the crickets is slower. But during the summer afternoon, the chirps raises. You can easily calculate and find out by recording the chirps for 15 seconds.

During the cold days, you may not listen to the sounds as they need the environmental or atmospheric temperature to react.

Cricket chirps  more frequently on warmer days

The frequency during the warmer days is high. They can easily communicate and humans can listen to them. When tweeting at low frequencies does not reach the human ears, therefore it is essential to reach 20 – 20,000Khz. Hereby when crickets can make a higher chirp it is the ears that can listen and count them.

One can easily recognize the chattering of the cricket as it is unique. Each one of the same species of insect has different noises. As they may be slightly or entirely different in the texture of their body, the sounds also differ. But despite the distinctive sounds, the frequency of the insect’s chirping is easily predictable.

Cricket is a kind of insect that continuously carries on chirping. It can be for the vibration or noises on the that it realizes and starts to make a noise. They keep silent when they find any predator nearing them.

Temperature at which the cricket chirps

Cricket is such an insect that chirps almost throughout the day. But as it reaches the highest frequency one can listen to them and find out the temperature of a day by calculation. They are never tired of tweeting unless it is cold weather or they can sense predators roaming around.  You may also hear them chirping at night but rare unless the temperature is excess to bring a chemical reaction to their body.

Cricket chirps are natural sources of finding out the temperature. When around in nature one does not need any device to know about the temperature when the insects chirp nearby.

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