These 7 Insane Habits That Make You Look Like A SmartPhone Maniac!

We use mobiles for playing games, chatting, or checking updates on social media apps but some attributes of smartphone users that annoy the people around.

Smartphones are definitely an integral part of our lives and they have completely transformed the way we communicate with the world.

Nevertheless, these technically advanced monsters also drive us crazy! Sometimes it’s the insane mannerisms of mobile users that annoy us to the core. Listed below are 7 irritating habits of mobile users that can totally displease one’s companion:

1).    First things first, a mobile phone is mobile! One can always stand up and walk a little distance to have those private conversations, without disturbing the people around them. This holds good at workplace or while watching a movie in a theatre, when the constant beeping & buzzing and loud conversations agitate the serious minds. Let’s be a little benevolent to texting!

2).    Kudos on breezing the next level of Candy Crush Saga! But it is awfully irritating to see someone constantly playing on his mobile, right from the breakfast table, to the walk down the bus-stop, and finally before going off to sleep! Avoid being that game freak who gets bothered when someone calls, simply because it implies putting the game on pause for a while!

3).    Okay so you bought a new iPhone and you want to flaunt it wherever you go! You don’t mind bragging about the cool specs of iPhone for an indefinite period of time! ‘Did I tell you that my new mobile can also do stuff like….!’ Well, your iPhone lets you take and receive calls, and so does ours!

4).    The social media addiction has gone a little too further with some of them checking their Facebook updates or Twitter mentions after every few minutes!

5).    ‘You know, there’s an app for that!’ It’s definitely good to share knowledge, but we are a bit tired of knowing the features of apps, particularly when there are a bunch of them being launched every single day!

6).     We’ll call him the ‘Bluetooth guy,’ who always has the Bluetooth device for phone on his ears. We more so often find it perplexing to understand if he’s on a call, or talking to us, or probably to himself!

7).     You have this important meeting with your boss and you leave your mobile on your desk without placing it to silent or vibration mode! It does hurt the brains of those who have to listen to the full minute of super high pitch ringtone every time your phone rings!

Apart from the above-mentioned 7 smartphone habits, there are several other attributes that makes one appear as a phone fanatic!

Do let us know if you have ever come across such weird phone usage patterns and attributes!


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