Did Japan Just Made an Elevator That Can Take Us To Space

Elevator that can take to Space

Elevator that can take to Space – Japan and its technological advances has been a talking point around the World. At the mention of Japan, one thing pops up first in Indian minds, Mitsubishi which is soaked by nostalgia, the heavy automotive industry that is headquartered in Japan sold innumerable numbers of motor vehicles in Indian market.

Japanese automobile technology is sworn by in India and now it is venturing into a new something that will leave your jaw-dropped.

In the time and age when everyone is aiming for space, why Japan will not show their promise? well, rockets are way too commonplace, now they are all set to make an Elevator that can take to Space. No lying!

Okay, now close your mouth and don’t let the fly in.

Wear your glasses, sit up straight and read very carefully what is written below.

Japan has vowed to make you feel like the characters from Star Wars through their Space elevator which pretty much seems like a science fiction plotline to us, nothing less.

This technological wonder is named as Space elevator which is going to be tasted by Japan’s Shizouka University.

This move will come as a potential to getting the satellites off the earth. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The event will be conducted on 11th September where the team will launch a scale model of the motorized box on earth’s orbit. The elevator will contain two cubic satellites which will be 4 inches on each side. There will be a 33 foot steel cable connecting the satellites. Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tanegashima Space Centre will launch the machine on H-IIB rocket to the International Space Station.

Lately, the astronauts have extended a cable in the space to monitor the happenings there but engaging a container to move along the cable will happen for the first time ever in history.

However, this is not the first attempt the scientists made for creating a space elevator and there have been attempts made in the past too. Scientists are really looking forward to the success of this step which will bring a new era in space technology. The main draw of this will be that the costs of sending materials or people in the space will be less but the main challenge that the scientists are facing is to prepare the right kind of cable for the same.

According to Keith Henson, a Technologist and Engineer, ” No current material exists with sufficiently high tensile strength and sufficiently low density out of which we could construct the cable”. They also have another concern in minds that is to make the elevator avoid satellites and other space junks, bear with the feisty winds, and fight the gravity from the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Elevator that can take to Space – Japan really thinks that this test will be a revolutionary step in the space technological forefront and a very plausible option too. We too are hoping for this grand success.

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