Did You Know That Laziness Can Be A Genetic Problem?

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Believe it or not, laziness is a heredity or genetic problem. Inclination to less activity, sitting idle running away from hard work are the signs of laziness. Despite being capable with the ability they have the habit of avoiding completing the work. It is not at all a good habit. It is a habit that can be changed but it is genetic which comes with birth.

Similarly, active kids also gain this trait from their ancestors. They do not want to sit idle rather want to stay busy and happy with one work or another.

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Genetic problem, Laziness is not a personality trait

If there is confusion inside the mind about Laziness can be a personality trait? No, it is not a personality trait unless it has any severe impact on the lifestyle and health of people. This habit may develop due to various reasons. It can be due to the situations and the conditions that a person may be undergoing.

Lacking in showing interest in any activities and simply doing nothing is a genetic problem. It is enhanced unknowingly when experiments were carried out in 2014. Laziness has been proven to be a genetic problem though it cannot be described as a personality trait. The reason to try the experiments was inspired by neurotic problems such as depressions and other physical health issues.

Main reasons for Laziness

There are many reasons for laziness. Lower or decreased motivation causes laziness. One of the major problems is the improper lifestyle. When lifestyle does not maintain a routine it leads to laziness. Bad diet, incomplete sleep, and tiredness lead to laziness. But in few people, laziness is observed less unless they are ill.

They are prone to stay active in one way or another, they do not feel tired even after a long night of no sleep. Highly sporting and energetic people are part of the genetic inheritance. Happy and less prone to depression who can handle hurdles easily.

How was the genetic problem study proven?

In 2009 Dr. Brook breed 80 rats and placed them into the running wheels. It is one of the popular experiments with mice. The genetic differences that were kept in the experiments were proportionate to the lazy to active rats.

Lazy rats were bred with lazy and active with active. So, it became easy to determine if laziness is inherited or not. After placing them on the running wheels for five days and then furthermore for 5 days he kept the record of the running rats.

Brook found that the presence of the Protein kinase inhibitor alpha was low in lazy rats. This is the reason that it makes genetic therapy difficult. Treatment of chronic diseases becomes difficult and people slowly turn lazy to lazier.

On contrary, active people do have the least chances of being conquered by chronic diseases. Laziness has the tendency of procrastination which indicates low energy or motivations.

Hereby, this is the reason that after several trials people are not able to overcome the habit of laziness. But to some extent with proper routine lifestyle can overcome from laziness too far extent.

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