Did You Know China’s Gorges Dams Slowed Down Earth’s Rotation?

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Dams are human inventions to control the intense flow of water. Prevent damages from flood disasters that can wash away lives. Several water dams around the world are attractive and at the same time serving as protection towards lives of villages and towns also provide hydro-electricity. Based on this reason the Gorges Dams in China were built. Serving hydroelectricity as well as the irrigation to the parts of China, but there are controversies about the dams.

The huge Gorges Dams have slowed down the rotation of the earth. There have been changes in the movement of the earth due to the variation in masses.

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China’s Gorges Dams: Increase in mass can slow down the motion

The Gorges Dam is one of the largest Dam in the world which has a maximum capacity of 42 billion tons of water. Due to the inertia, an increase in the mass leads to a slowing down of the earth’s movement. Increasing in mass can lead to an increase in the daytime to 0.06 microseconds. Though there are still studies carried out to prove evidence related to the earth’s movements may be due to the massive reservoir.

In regular life, many examples show the process of the moment of inertia. Cycling is one of the common experiences that anyone can realize. Pedaling of a cycle continues to move but as the pedaling stops, the cycle moves till it finds any obstruction or friction.

The acceleration of a body can be affected by the mass, which is another kind of inertia. Loads of heavy mass can reduce the tendency of an object to stop or slow. NASA has proven that there is a change of daytime to few microseconds due to the Gorges Dams in China. The surface area of the dam is 1045 square kilometers and the water level is 175 meters.

Massive Dams of China Challenges Earth Movement

Changes in the day length may be for few microseconds, but the massive construction has indeed affected the entire earth. So, the strength of the construction work can easily be assumed that can hold water but also affect nature in some form or other.

It has affected the natural movement of the earth on its axis that may be alarming. But this dam has been a blessing to the country. As it gives complete support to the Chinese ranging from providing power and electricity of 22, 500 MV. Apart from it the rain in monsoons, overflowing of water also causes issues such as water pollution, land erosion, and also impact on the environment.

Rotation slows down due to the Gorges Dams, the weight of the dam will also put loads on the axis. In the future, there are chances, as per NASA there may be a shift in the pole position by 0.8 inches. Changes in position will undoubtedly bring further challenges to the people of not only China but the earth. Gorges dams have been an expensive construction but are infamous for developing problems against earth and mankind.



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