A Woman Finds An Intruder In Her Bed, What She Does Next Will Shock You!

The world is weird, and this story will prove how true it is!

So what would what you do if you opened the door and found an intruder sleeping in your bed? I am sure you won’t do what this woman did. And her response will surely shock you.

As per reports, when a Tunisian woman discovered a drunk man in her Bur Dubai flat asleep in her bed, she clicked a selfie (Yes you read it right) and posted it on a social networking site before alerting UAE police. Bizarre!

This is what she wrote “I got home and found a drunk intruder asleep in my bed. He tried to steal, but he failed”.

Looks like even the shock and fear couldn’t prevent her from clicking this selfie.

This is the selfie she shared..


Photo credit: Reddit pictures

Later Director of Bur Dubai police station Colonel Abdullah Khadem shared, “Investigations revealed that the man was visiting the watchman of the building, who is his friend. He consumed alcohol and felt sleepy. He sneaked into the woman’s room and slept in her bed,”

The intruder was later arrested and charged with trespassing.

Now there is something very wrong with this world!

Looks like the selfie fever has gone viral worldwide…

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