The Woes of Jail-Lalitha

One of the prominent politicians, down south, Tamilnadu CM ԻJayalalitha, has been arrested or amassing disproportionate assets and the nation is pretty sad about it

Tamilnadu CM ԻJayalalitha has been convicted (oh yes, you heard it right) by the Court for amassing disproportionate assets.

No, this has nothing to do with her disproportionate physical assets or else Amit Shah would have been in trouble too.

We have no laws against that, though perhaps we should

They are talking about the wealth she has amassed.

We have seen that she has been taken into custody.

The TN Jail authorities have sent out requests for additional Cooks and Kitchen Groceries to be stocked.

TN people fear there might be a serious lack of available food now, hence a volatile situation is feared in the state.

China has begun loading containers filled with rice to be shipped to the Chennai port with immediate effect.

It has also been heard that her party leaders are going about asking the people of the state to return the TV sets and other home appliances, which were given to them during elections so that the jail room can be furnished properly.

Disclaimer: This is a satire, though the news is true, the intention of this post is to just get a few laughs out of the readers. Of course everyone is pretty sad about this arrest. No, No, Seriously !!! We are

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