Sketches of the Mumbai gang-rape accused released

Mumbai police releases sketches of the Mumbai gang-rape accused

Mumbai police has released the sketches of the five accused in the gang-rape of a photojournalist that took place last evening at 8’o clock near Shakti Mills Compound, Lower Parel. The memory of the Delhi gang-rape is still fresh in the minds of people and this incident has shaken one of the safest cities in the country. Here’s how the people have reacted to the incident.


– “Terrified and speechless. All who brag about Mumbai’s safety, take that. In Lower f*****g Parel.”- Neha, a media professional, works in south Mumbai.


– “Everytime a rape happens, we are left wondering if it is the last straw before the country actually begins to do something. And what happens? Nothing. There will be another rape, another round of hue and cry and we’ll be back at our desks in no time.”- Ayush Mishra, a media executive.


-“Gangrape in Mumbai makes it very clear that women are not safe anywhere in the country.”-Aasheerwad Dwivedi, Professor, D.U.


-“It’s deplorable. Something like this to happen in the frings of the city. It just tells us the need to identify those pockets in Bombay which are increasingly becoming dangerous for women.”- Anirban Dasgupta, Business Consultant.


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