Harsh Facts And Rules That Elude You At Your Workplace

Rules at workplace – When you enter the corporate world, it is mandatory for you to live by the rules, which guarantees your success. Or does it?

When you enter the #corporate world, it is mandatory for you to live by certain rules that guarantee your success.

Or do they?

You can follow the office handbook all you want, but honestly, they are just to maintain decorum, to let the world know that they appoint humans.

Over time, you follow these rules, but notice there isn’t much growth. On the other hand, a few of your junior employees are promoted, designation-wise as well as financially.

“What am I doing wrong?” is your first thought.

Though you may be religiously working and following #office ethics, there are certain hidden that you ought to know about in order to succeed.

Dedication and Diligence Are Not the Reasons for Promotion


Sorry for breaking your bubble, but this, in fact, is the truth. You should know that loyalty and politics are other two factors that contribute a great deal as to who gets promoted. Learn how to kiss asses or be prepared to for a very slow promotion.

Males Have the Best Chance of Getting Promoted Before Females


Every employee hears the speech wherein the top management promises offering equal opportunities to everyone regardless of their gender and race. Bullshit! All offices have a history of male employees getting promoted faster than their female coworkers. Before joining a firm, you need to look at the gender of leadership that heads the organisation. That should paint you a clear picture.

The Boss Is Not Necessarily the Boss


Picture this – You have an issue with your team leader and you report the same to a higher authority in the organisation. Wouldn’t it scare you when they turn you away and say that the power to make changes rests in the hands of your team leader and no one else? Titles don’t mean squat at the corporate level.

Rules Differ for People as Per Their Designation


This is another slap in your face, if you believe that rules are equal for people holding different posts in your office. Imagine you going to someone with a request or a complaint and them telling you “That’s not how we work in this department”. You need to tread carefully as to who stands in your way and whether or not you can stand up to them.

If You Need the Resources, You Need to Ask


This is another two-faced rule that messes with people at work and troubles them when they are at their most vulnerable position. Initially, you are told that resources are divided among all departments equally. Not true! Regardless of the nature of your project you need to go out of your way to get a resource that you want desperately. If you just assume that following procedure would suffice, you are wrong.

Team Work? There’s No Such Thing


This is one of the harsh facts of working in a corporate environment. They tell you about being a team-oriented firm, but it never is. The truth – you are on your own. The team may exist on paper, but to climb high in the corporate world, you need to step on a few heads.

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