Those were the best days of my life

I was about to get endorsed to class 11, “yes, you guessed it correct the ICSEs were fast approaching.”

I was about to get endorsed to class 11, “yes, you guessed it correct the ICSEs were fast approaching.” I was studying hard and with all commitment to top this year’s examinations. But then she came into my life. A charming, young, striking girl of about ten and six.  She was special rather gifted. From here my story of love,  fate and the  painful revival of it starts.

I started to go to a privateguidance of English.  The tuition was intense as it was the end of the scholastic yearand the examinations were fast approaching. I was new there and had no friends. It was co-ed tuition.
It was the first day in tuition and I came a bit early than the scheduled time. I waited, may be for an hourand then she came. Her first glimpse unleashed a feeling of adoration, attraction and admiration in my mind.

She came in and she raised her hand, “Hi, Shriyanka.” I raised my hand with hesitation, ”H…-Hi, Siddharth, Sid.”  She said, “Sid, sounds interesting.” I probed, “you’re from ACB right.” “Yes you guessed it right.” Then one by one the the other students appeared, I got their introductions. But the one that touched my heart was an introduction which had a charm related to it, “Hi, Shriyanka…”  Then for the next few days I just thought of her, I could understand that my cognizance was diverting from studies towards her. But I couldn’t help it. Days passed and we came closer and closer… We were now probably the best friends.  I often had frequent discussions with her. During one of these frequent discussions, I got access to her phone number, e-mail-id. Our discussions got even more passionate.

Meantime one of my U.T. papers were out, I had scored a disappointing twenty upon thirty. Everybody asked me the cause I replied a unsatisfactory, “nothing.” The final exams were a week later. She suddenly stopped coming to the tution. I rang her for more than thirty times a day, mailed her may be ten times at once. But in vain there was no reply from her. I checked my FB status,  there was a long awaited message from her. “Don’t call me again. I had felt in love with you, but I stopped myself at the very beginning of it. So with deep regret I say you Bye be happy, be successful.” regards, Shriyanka.

After receiving this message I was distraught, depressed. I could not believe that this was the same ‘she’ who raised her hand when I had no friends,  this was that ‘she’ for whom I sacrificed my studies. This is the very ‘she’ whom I loved. I could not bear this betrayal. I set my mind to take revenge, but not by physical means, not even by saying a few improper words to her, but by proving myself, my worth, my potential. I promised to myself that very day,’ I will succeed in proving myself’.

But what was going through me could only be understood, rather felt only by me. “My life was becoming a room with all the curtains closed, dark and frustrating. But there was still a beam of light entering through the curtains. Life was dark yet colourful. This versatility of life was unknown to me. But I just understood one part of it. There is light, there is hope for me to come out of this room, this misery.” The examinations started. I felt that extra bit of fortitude that was essential to top this year. ‘I have to take revenge’, this was the very thing that I used to pronounce in my mind before starting every examinations.

The reports were due. But finally that day came, the day where I could realise if I had the quality of ‘Getting up stronger than I fell’.  “Yes”, I was successful. I had topped the country in ICSE. I could feel within me that inferno burning, that indescribable feeling of pride and most importantly the revenge that I achieved.  Yes, life throws unexpected obstacles towards us but it is us who has to face it with intellect and certainly proficiency.

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