Sex Myths – Ludicrous Beliefs That We Need To Do Away With Immediately

Sex myths and facts – To most people, sex is a sacred act. Nevertheless, the some myths surrounding the same are preposterous, too, which we need to get cleared immediately.

To most people, sex is a sacred act.

However, where many individuals prefer losing their virginity before marriage, others wait till their wedding night, for they consider virginity to be pure.

Well, faiths and beliefs change from country to country. However, certain myths related to sex are common all over the world.

Below highlighted are a few ridiculous ones of those that we need to do away with immediately –

Myth #1 – Sexercise is a Great Exercise


We have to include this as the first myth because many people seem to believe ‘sexercise’ to be a great exercise. Well, it helps, but only to an extent. During half-hour sex (if you manage to last that long, that is), you end up burning just over 140 calories. A proper gym session might help you lose more calories.

Myth #2 – Men Think about Sex Every 7 Seconds


Are you aware that men think about food and sleep, other than thinking just about sex? Apparently, studies have proven that many men think about sex once in the entire day. Well, there you have it; myth busted!

Myth #3 – A Man’s Penis Size Can Be Defined by the Shoe Size He Wears


Okay seriously, where did this myth even originate from? Think about this – Big Show from WWE wears size 22. Do you earnestly believe his penis size would be 22 inches long?!

Myth #4 – The bigger the Penis Size, the More is Satisfaction


As compared to a woman’s pleasure, the size of a man’s penis is more crucial to his ego. As long as preference for the size goes, that comes down to individual preference.

Myth #5 – A Woman Cannot Conceive If She Is Already Pregnant


Have you ever heard of the term called superfetation? Well, it occurs when a woman conceives while still being pregnant. Documents regarding the same are available.

Myth #6 – Use Aphrodisiacs to Spice Up Sex Life


Oysters and chocolates are considered aphrodisiacs and consumed by many couples, as it makes them feel tingly. It’s all in the head; a placebo effect, if put in simple words.

Myth #7 – Women Hate Porn


One word: LIE!!

Myth #8 – Getting Pregnant While Menstruating Is Not Possible


This is one of the long-standing myths and many men and women tend to believe in it. The truth is that sperms have the ability to stay alive inside women for a prolonged duration, especially if they experience shorter cycles.

Myth #9 – Married Couples Have a Poor Sex Life


False! Statistics have shown that married couples actually enjoy better sex than singles. They are open to diverse sex and engage in the act more often.

Myth #10 – “Double Bagging” is Safe


“Double bagging” is wearing two condoms, which many people think is safe and an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Contrary to this belief, the chances of getting pregnant actually increase, as the two layers rubbing against one another can result in them breaking.

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