5 Things A Guy Needs To Become A Hero In Bollywood!

We talk about the things need to be done by guys to become the leading man in Hindi movies. However, this is a satire, because no one really knows that what works out in the industry and what not!

Hero in Bollywood! Role model of an entire nation!

Idol of a whole generation of cine-goers!

All these titles sound so freaking amazing, isn’t it?

For a nation full of cinema fanatics, there is no dearth of young boys and men dreaming and fantasizing about ruling the hearts of women, for being an inspiration to an entire generation of citizens idolizing and loving their favorite film-star.

It’s not only about the love and fan following, it is also about fame, money and crazy amount of power that comes with being a star!

But it isn’t that easy guys!

To be a superstar, first step is obviously to become a hero in a Hindi film. Now, if you’re a star son or have the backing of some big filmy family, don’t bother to read on.

For rest of you guys, this requires some innovative steps to be followed as gone are the days of simply getting a portfolio and meeting film-makers for work.

It’s a new age and with changed requirements, guys need to do some different stuff. Let’s see what all is needed:

1) Outstanding Appearance

Supremely handsome looks with that 8- or 10-pack abs is a must guys. So leave behind all those delicious maa ke bane aaloo ke paranthe and gear up for some boring and yuck tasting health food with more hours in gym than you ever spent in your school! A great physique is a must, no compromises at all!

2) Work: Whatever You Get

Grab whatever work you get, even if it’s a stupid boring saas-bahu serial on TV! Yeah, it doesn’t matter even if being the lead of the show; still you are pushed behind to give the heroine all the footage! Just pretend how much you love the craft of acting and every medium that gives you a chance to showcase your skills, is welcome! And then keep your fingers crossed that the show becomes a hit amongst women and the film-makers notice your popularity to cast you in their projects! As soon as you get a film, kick the very same TV show that made you popular! Next stage of praying comes when your movie is about to be released. In case it’s a hit, you have arrived; if not, crawl your way back to TV with folded hands!

3) Smart Talking Skills

In case you suck at acting, but know how to talk and can make your way to people’s mind or hearts, try your luck at being a host or anchor in some reality TV show. Here, you would just need talking and looking-good skills. If you’re able to impress some celebrity out-of-work filmmakers-turned-judges of the show, they might cast you in their next project based on your popular appeal. A win-win for both, you know; you get a film and the director gets finance to make a movie! Pray again that it works or else, back to anchoring! ‘wink’wink’

4) PR Skills

Improve your networking and get to know the people who matter. Even better, if you can befriend a big superstar and make him your bada bhai! Or may be, if you have to fall in love once in a lifetime, choose that superstar’s sister! Lifelong of companionship is guaranteed along with a big push from the family to get you launched in a big-bang manner! P.S. Know the names of some intelligent international movies, the French, Korean kinds, to impress the girl as well as her star bro! At least you will come across as an aware man who is knowledgeable, looks like a million bucks and loves his sister. What else is needed, dude?

5) A Big (Read Awfully Rich) Daddy

If nothing works, get your daddy dear to produce a movie for you and launch you with some hot babe and spend money equivalent to the economy of a country in Africa on promoting the movie! Cummon man, it’s a business and everyone is out here to make some bucks. If you can’t help them earn something out of your existing or non-existing talent, let your dad do it for you. He is anyways spending on your wild adventures, isn’t he?

Well, jokes apart, this is serious business. So find your own way and try everything written and unwritten in the books to achieve your goals!  May be your strategy gives direction to many others.

All the best!

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