10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Sagittarius!

Everyone wants a little bit of adventure and excitement in their love lives.
The magical power of love  is most probably found in this horoscope, Sagittarians!
Yes, the Sagittarians are quite eccentric souls of this planet, born in the duration between November 23 and December 21. These men and women have an art to make you believe that playing with fierce fire is the new ‘IN’ trend! This league of extraordinary peeps, are full of free spirit, enjoyable, ruled by planet jupiter, and with their element as the fire, they surely do attract quite the amount of admirers.
These people get along very well with the zodiac signs like Aquarius, Libra, Leo, fellow Sagittarians and Aries! But you should definitely know why you’re quite lucky if you’re dating a Sagittarius!
Here’s whyone should date Sagittarians –
1) They are the best companions for an eccentric traveling experience!
They are totally worth taking along to any place in the world, self love for traveling, they make all the places feel like home.
2) The most adaptable, acceptable people on earth, really!
They can accept you the way you are, and make you comfortable around themselves within seconds.
3) They have a creative intellectual spirit, inquisitiveness and apt wit and humor!
They can talk about everything and anything under the sun, moon and stars. You dont have to cut out on your thoughts, they are all for a hearty debate or humorous casual convos.
4) They are fiercely loyal and love deeply!
So you just have to make sure that you capture their hearts, the next work is left on them, they will never stop or shy away from showering you with love and support.
5) Even though at times a bit too carefree, they are strong, natural born leaders!
They can lead you till the end with their support and encouragement and also be the life of the party and let down their hair.
6) They can come off as straightforward and honest but thats a way to show how they are transparent!
They don’t hide stuff, they are on the face kinda peeps.
7) they are extremely positive, optimistic people, with a kind nature for everyone no matter who!
They make efforts to be good for everyone, lovable and give the best advice full of optimism.
8 )They don’t get into petty arguments!
You would never have a complain about small issues being made into big arguments.
9) They are extroverts out and out!
As we already know they are the life of the party, a social butterfly with their charming personality.
10) They compassionate and sensual people!
They are people with lots of sexiness ouzing out of themselves, love for self, love for their partners as well!
These traits make them effortlessly the best candidates to fall in love with, make sure to make the most of the moments lived with these Sagittarians!

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