Jayalalithaa Onto The Next Scam! Death Is The Newest Game!

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Idol worship is an individual’s freedom of right!

To exploit it is the biggest crime of all and this is what is exactly happening in Jayalalithaa’s case

She recently got acquitted in all the charges of corruption and her followers are dancing like crazy, but there was a time when she was charged and a lot of her followers felt heart-broken and took extreme steps of committing suicide. To follow one’s leader and love him/her is alright, but to lose one’s senses and sacrifice their life?

That’s not acceptable!

The point of contention here is that Jayalalithaa’s party AIADMK recently disbursed a compensation of more than Rs. 7 crores to the families of 244 people who committed suicide in the last year after she was found guilty in cases of corruption by a lower court.

That’s a big number!

Did anyone find out if these suicides were genuine or there was some foul play involved?

Is there a conspiracy to claim even natural death or accidental death as a suicide in the name of the supreme leader and earn some money?

Who is actually footing the bill?

Even if the party says it is paying from their coffers, where is the party getting funds from? In India, none of the political parties disclose the actual source of their funding and without transparency no one knows if the money is sourced from valid sources or through illegal means!

The most obvious question that follows is why is such crazy behavior allowed to go on?

Why is the faith of her followers exploited to such an extent that he/she blindly believes in her and can’t treat her like an ordinary mortal capable of committing crime? With so much of illiteracy and idol-worship in our country, it is a crime to make someone believe that you are as good as God and play with their lives. This, after considering that all suicides were genuine!

Why hasn’t Jayalalithaa done more than just lip service to explain to her followers that their lives are as important as hers? Instead of living an eccentric life and feeling like supreme God with such a crazy fan-following, she should ensure to impart knowledge and send right message to her followers. She has the party and state machinery at her disposal to make a positive difference! Instead, it seems she is happy with how things turn out because this way she can ensure more votes in coming elections!

However, if these suicides are not genuine and there is a new kind of scam brewing beneath the surface, no matter how big or small, it has to be investigated. The concerned agencies should find out as to what exactly is going on because sooner or later this can become a trend across the country where politicians can siphon money in the name of claims for people who died due to any reason whatsoever!

Human life is important and no politician deserves a human sacrifice!

Be aware and value your life more than a politician’s!

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