These 6 Things Will Decide Whether You Deserve To Be Rich Or Not!


We all want to be rich!

We study, we work, we do networking, and we do everything with only one thought: how doing these and many more things can make us rich!

What we all fail to understand is that there is no magic to become rich. Luck and destiny might or might not play a part n making you rich, but if you don’t have certain attributes in you, then nothing can make you rich in life, ever!

Let’s see what these 6 most important will decide whether you deserve to be rich:

1) Passion

You got to have passion for your goals and dreams! And you should be ready to go to any lengths to achieve them and be ready to pay any price for that. Difficulties and obstacles shouldn’t discourage you, but should add fuel to your fire! A half-hearted attempt or dispassionate action to fulfil your goals will take you nowhere and you will end up cursing your stars, family, friends and every tom dick and harry who ever crossed your path in life!

2) Performance

Normally, we do what we are told to do! Or depends on how much money we are getting for our job. Instead, what we should focus on is how we can give better than what is expected out of us. Giving more than 100% should be our target, every day, every moment of our life! Only then we can aspire to outdo everyone else and rise up the ladder of success to be super rich and super successful!

3) Learning

Learning shouldn’t be restricted to only school and college life. It has to be an ongoing process till your last breath, whether it is enhancing your skill sets for the industry you are working in or learning about life to deal with it in a better and more mature manner. The day you stop learning, you’ll be stagnant and stagnant water only stinks!

4) Values and ethics

Every day we hear people talking about doing things by hook or crook to achieve success. True, it can be done, but is it long lasting? Can you make a skyscraper based on a foundation that is weak and made of flaws? No, you cannot! Hence, if the shortcut looks easy, it is because easier paths never lead to grand success in life. Long term sustainable success and richness only comes by following difficult paths following the right ethics and values in life, which may sound hollow in the short term or might not even give results soon, but eventually make you sit on the throne of success like a real king!

5) Knowing yourself

This is the most important factor when searching for success and riches of life. If you don’t know yourself inside out, you’ll not know what exactly you need and why you need it! Then how are you going to run after it and put all your energies and passion in it? Self-knowledge is the key to success and without it you will always remain in self-doubts and there will be confusions and you’ll never be able to stay focused.

6) Sharing

Don’t earn to keep it all with you. Share and watch how everything that you gave out comes back to you manifolds! Share love, money, give help, stand by someone in need, do whatever possible to make sure you look like a human being rather than just a money minting machine. The best way to earn paper notes is to invest in human capital and relationships. Only then you can reach the top!

With all these attributes, combined with real hard and smart work, you definitely have a shot at achieving super success and be really rich! Otherwise, even if you get success, it will be short-lived! Be deserving of money and success!

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