Why Elephants are Treated as Gods in Hindu Mythology?

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In mythological stories, the elephants have a great role among Gods in Hindu. In Hinduism, the epic Mahabharata have famous stories about “Asthvatthama” the strongest participation of their elephant in the war of Kurukshetra. Even in the ancient scripts and tales of all the religions globally elephants have a special position. This is due to the calm nature with huge structure. The strongest mammal with amazing intelligence was close to human life.

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Humans use elephants for different purposes but their thinking power and strength both make them superior animals. Here are a few of the mythological facts about the elephants in Hindu and Buddhism.

Hinduism and the different Gods among which elephants are not only an animal but believe as God. Lord Ganesha is one of the biggest idols that mentions about the extreme belief in elephants. Elephant is superior among Gods in Hindu.

Elephant is the vahanas of the Lord Indra, who is known as the God of Rain. Old scripts and stories not only mentions about Ganesha but also about the Amrit manthan. The battle between the demons and God won and protected by the nine jewels of which elephant was one. Elephant is one of the Navratnas that according to the Hindu mythologies.

Elephants symbolizes as Gods in Hindu

Ganesha is known as the “Vighn harta” which means the gods in Hindu who can remove all the obstacles from life. Elephants depictions are also seen on the temples in different parts of India which says its stories. Temples are covered with the depiction of elephants as the sacred animals.

During the Mauryan times they had the sacred animal which was the strength of wealth and power. The fights in the battle with the Lords are depicted on the walls. Battles with Lord Krishna, as well as Lord Shiva are few of the famous tales that can be found as depictions and stories.

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Hindu temples

Elephants are also treated as a God and devotees coming to Hindu temples offer prayers and food to them. Feeding elephants to earn the blessings for prosperity and remove all kinds of difficulties in their life.  The elephants are trained to stay in the temple as their pet and as per the religious beliefs they are treated with devotion.

They participate in all festivals and celebrations in the temples among large crowds. Being the lively incarnation of Ganesha as well as vahana, of Indra it is one of the sacred animals.

For the Gods of the Hindu elephants may be Vahana or the Son of Lord Shiva who was later known as Shankara. They are the symbol of strength, intelligence and power which people still believes.

The symbols of Buddhism that states about the elephant in “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It means Lotus, flower, the wheel of dharma, the stupa, and the white elephant. The animal is believed to be the symbol of strength, loyalty, patience, and wisdom. According to the religion it is the symbol that describes the supreme powers of Lord Buddha.

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