Let Us See Someone Other Than Alia Bhatt In Student Of The Year Sequel

Why we wish to us see someone other than Alia Bhatt in SOTY, Student of the Year sequel? We have better options. Catch them up!

The latest gossip has it that Karan Johar is planning a sequel to follow up his stupendous hit Student Of The Year. The maker has always been an ardent fan of the trip he launched in the Bolly blockbuster.

However now, he is set to refine their histrionics further and targets upping the content quotient in the sequel. This is very clever given that the first film barely has anything but brawn and designer labels to take back home. And frankly, despite all the awards, we believe that the three newbies got all the attention because it was Dharma Productions tagged on to their debut flick!

The best part could be to make a sequel sans Alia Bhatt at least, in fact, the second part indeed must reveal more mature characters. Just a grey suit and designer tops do not make one mature and successful! Here are few actresses who could replace Alia Bhatt in the sequel. Read on to simply bask in some gossipy scoop.

Deepika Padukone

Our all time fave girl, Deepika has rocked Bollywood like no other actress. With a slew of hit films and hot boyfriends going hand in hand, her career is indeed more definitive than the awards and critical praise she has garnered. Add to this her smart accent and her in-face sensibility, she could make for an amazing choice instead of the silly and sometime too-knowing Alia Bhatt.

Priyanka Chopra

PeeCee might be too busy with her song collaborations. However, she can play the naturally successful big shot social butterfly with ease. If the adjectives are too many, so mush is her prowess. Moreover, she can play a headstrong character. In fact, we even imagine if the character to get divorced from the movie. Priyanka is our second choice for the role hands down.

Preity Zinta

The original bubbly girl of Bollywod, the Zinta girl had scored a hit with her dimples and appeal. Despite being away from the limelight for long, the sequel could make for an amazing re-launch vehicle. She too shares a good rapport with Team Dharma. Add to this her ability to blend in with the character’s skin, and we will will not really miss Alia’s young vibrancy and the maturity the sequel could require.

While our list is complete, we vouch that the makers could do well with replacing Alia Bhatt with either of these actresses. Not only would that make for better watch but also some depth. After all, how long will Gucci and Prada compensate for the lack of charisma in the female lead? And remember, most of the complements on Alia came forth from Karan Johar and pals! Biasness, do we not term it that, in the real world? 

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