Unbelievable But Christmas was illegal in The USA Till 1836

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The entire world celebrates Christmas, the streets and pathways, and houses are beautifully decorated with lights and designs. Few celebrate throughout the month while some do only for a week. It is a day in winter when the birthday of Jesus is a festivity of joy. No one can think of December without Christ if they celebrate or not. It may seem unbelievable as it is less mentioned or known that Christmas was illegal in the USA till 1836 from the 1600s.

Why does the USA mention Christmas is illegal?

To know about the reasons, it is essential to learn about the Puritans. They were basically from England but fled to The USA. They were the minority group of pilgrims living in America who brought a revolution in the country. During their revolution, they had changed the meaning of holidays, traditions, and festivals.

According to them, holidays are not productive, it is a waste of time. They believed that these holidays and celebrations distract from the core of religions and rituals. They believed that any practices that are not mentioned in the Bible should be removed. The holiness of Christ should be celebrated every day. It cannot be accomplished in one day.

Puritans’ revolution had brought a change and banned the celebration of Christ in The USA. This did not last long till ages which came to end after the 1800s. There was no Christmas till the 19th century but after which there was a removal of the ban.

Victorians Christmas celebrations

Until the 19th century, there was no birthday cake for Jesus but with the Victorians, there was a restart. It was during the Victorian age the popularity was rising. The making of cards, gifting to family and friends was a part of their tradition.

By the end of the century, it was celebrated with decorations, foods, and drinks with family and friends. Slowly, not only in the USA and England it was popular throughout the world.

The concept of wishing to be loved on this specific day was introduced in 1843. A business of printing cards wishing “Merry Christmas” not only boomed but also made this day popular. About 1000 designed cards were printed and sold in the market during the Victorian Era. No feasts, no holidays, just a wish card was enough.

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Sir Henry Cole introduced the conception of card making and the first design was set by JC Hosley. Slowly the market was no longer bound to the beautiful cards but small toys, decorations were sold.

During the Victorian age, families were important which made them celebrate Christmas at home. It was a great inspiration to the entire world. Though in The USA it was officially illegal, people celebrate Christmas at home with family. Even in modern times, the Christmas trees are decorated, homes are beautified with decorations and lights. It is celebrated at home with relatives and family.

The main aim to ban Christmas in The USA is to redefine the meaning of holiness. The Revolution of the Puritans existed for a century which slowly ended by the Victorian Age.

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