These Are The False Facts That We Still Believe About Animals

Myths about animal

Myths about animal – Animals are the cutest and they can wipe away our gloom in a jiffy with their heart-melting gestures and beauty. We love our pets because they restore our faith in love in which is being imperceptibly missing from this material world.

If you want the purest form of love, go no where but to your pet, you will never resent it. Then there are wild animals that live in the desolate jungles and several documentaries are made on their lifestyle, they charm our hearts effortlessly. Some of them are feisty, some of them abrasive and some inculcate us with fear but nonetheless beautiful.

We believe that myths about animal – we know everything about animals but there are many myths that need to be busted now.

Myths about animal –

Myth about the toad:

We always believed that toads have warts which are small, rough and hard growths around the skin. But frankly, toad has no wart. The warts that are visible in their skin are just optical illusions and their skin only looks that way.

Myth about the Chameleons:

So far, we have believed that chameleons change color to blend with the environment which is a false fact that we know. Basically, they change colors to reflect their mood. Yes, animals have mood swings too!

Myth about the Elephants:

We have so far come to believe that due to their heavy frame and bad temper, Elephants make people know when arriving with a stomping walk. In fact, we mock someone saying you stomp like an Elephant but it is time we have known that Elephants don’t stomp but they walk fairly silently.

Myth about the Blue Whale:

Blue Whale are fierce and beautiful in the same vein and there is a common belief that they can swallow a whole car with that big mouth which is definitely untrue. The biggest thing that a Blue Whale can swallow is a grapefruit irrespective of their huge frame and huge mouth.

Myth about Moles:

There is a common belief about the moles that they are blind but they can see. It is just that they have a poor eyesight which causes them real difficulty to see leading us to believe that they are blind.

Myth about Fish:

Looking at the cute fishies in your aquarium makes your heart aflutter. We know that you had always believed that there is no calmer creatures than them but we are afraid you were wrong all while. Fish can make sounds that would put a busy farm to shame.

Myth about Rhinoceros:

Rhinoceros poaching has become one of the pressing concern in India now and the government have issues a shoot at sight order for them. What really makes them kill those innocent animals is their horn because it has a great market value. Actually, the thing on its nose that we believe is horn, is not horn but a hard and peculiar crest.

These are myths about animal – Weren’t these facts fun? now you will see the animals with a different perception.

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