Biggest Stars of Bollywood Come Together To Give Tribute To Mother India In This Hilarious Song!

A total fun song from the upcoming movie hey Bro. It is a tribute to cult Hindi movie Mother India. This is some novel way of giving tribute!

Mother India!

India’s first entry to coveted Oscars which got shortlisted in the top 5 films under the Best Foreign Film category and is still considered a cult classic in Bollywood despite being made more than half century ago! Remember the movie?

Well, if not, a new song has been launched to refresh your memories. Trust Bollywood to come up with weird and crazy ideas to bring back the old days in a new and contemporary form to make it relatable to the youth of today. Be it in the form of movies being remade or songs being remixed or better still, use the concept from an old movie and rehash into a crazily hilarious rap song!

This time it is in the form of a song made entirely on the premise of Mother India and sung in a rap form.

It is titled Birju and is from an upcoming film, Hey Bro which will have ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya acting in it.

However, the best part is the rap song which has brought together the stalwarts of Hindi cinema like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh to sing and dance on the song’s video.

The crackling music is given by Nitz’N’Sony and the amazingly funny lyrics are penned by Pranav Vatsa.

The icing on the cake is that it is sung by the king of melody, Udit Narayan and king of item songs, Mika in association wit rappers, Arya and Naezy.

It is not everyday that we get to see such huge stars sharing screen space except for a social cause. They seem to be enjoying performing to this wild song and letting their hair down! You have to watch the video to know how much fun each one of them had while shooting. Yes, if Khan-trio would have been there, the song would have looked very different, but even now, just listening to the story of an age-old film in a language which is so new and full of slangs is a pleasant surprise.

No doubt, the puritans and the pseudo-intellectuals will slam the song for tampering with such a cult movie and making fun of it, but who cares! We need such innovative ways for our youth to connect with the gems our entertainment industry has created which are getting forgotten in the course of time, simply because no one bothers to make such movies any more.

This song will definitely arouse interest in the young minds of our country to try and re-visit such movies and appreciate our history and respect the film-makers who were bold enough to make such kind of cinema when the resources were scarce and technology was out of bounds for most of the countrymen.

Guys, you do need to watch this song and then the movie, Mother India as well.

As far as Hey Bro is concerned, let’s hope the movie is as good as the song!

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