6 Superstitious Beliefs are True to Science

Superstitious Beliefs

Superstitious Beliefs – Our ancient beliefs in India are taken to be unworthy in most of the situations related to the superstitious beliefs, few are found to be true which has a reason behind the obligations created by the ancestors that we know as orthodox.

Though all the of them are not true few of them are still what we believe somehow or the other and cannot deny at all after knowing the reason behind it, that is given with reason.

Superstitious Beliefs –

Flat Foot or Low Arch

You may often hear that low arch feet or flat feet are unlucky, mostly in women. In older days in arrange marriages the feet of the women were seen, if they were found to be flat or low arch then they believed that the girl was unlucky for them.

Both men and women can suffer from the low arch feet that can be genetic or may be at the older ages. Few people may not feel any difference in their body while few people may suffer from pain in their knees or any other parts of their body.

So, it is wrong to blame a woman for bringing bad luck after marriage as if can be in both men and women. One side is true that flat foot or low arch provides difficulty in the walking or movement, suffer from pain that may not allow the women to work hard for their family or do their household work.

This is the reason why women with the low arch or flat foot were considered bad luck.

Superstitious Beliefs

Head on the North Side while Sleeping.

In Hindu religion, it is always kept in mind that one should not sleep putting his or head towards the north as dead bodies are kept with their heads to the north and south is known as the way to heaven. This is the reason shown while actually, the reason is something different.

The reasoning or science is the magnetic flow of the human body and the earth’s magnetic flow. The earth magnetic current flows from the North Pole to the south pole, while the human body has its own magnetic field.

While when a human body is asleep the magnetic effect of the earth, as it is huge compared to the magnetic flow of the human body, irregularities take place especially it can affect the brain and cause heart diseases. The magnetic current flow of the earth affects the magnetic current flow and the blood circulation is not normal with the abnormal flow of irons in the types of blood causing health problems.

Superstitious Beliefs

Navel Cord Preservation

It is since ancient days whenever the child is born, the navel cord has been a big question few bury it somewhere near their house secretly so that no one knows where the Navel cord was buried, while few were used to preserve it in a container with few tulsi leaves and few use to throw it away in river.

In modern science and technology the preservation of the navel cord is a true story, we know as Stem Cells. Stem cells are embryonic cells that divide to form the same types, so such stem cells can be taken from the navel cord and preserved for years that can be used to fight against several diseases.

Though preserving of the navel cords is true since ages the exact reason is unknown to everyone, modern research on stem cells has disclosed the reason of preserving navel cords.

Superstitious Beliefs

Isolated during Menstruation

Though in modern days menstruation is an almost “No problem” issue to every girl, due to the availability of the sanitary napkins, different ways to reduce the cramps or discomfort. Our lifestyle has changed and so our working style accordingly has also changed, instead of washing utensils and spending hours in cooking, they love to enjoy cycling or basketball in the field.

They don’t have to worry much about any discomforts, but in olden days there was no such called sanitary pads and women had to face the discomforts as well as the cramps, you can feel how miserable it was to face this till 5 to 7 days.

Isolated living in a room, actually made them comfortable giving them rest from the hard work and providing them privacy to stay relaxed which is very necessary for women as chances of stains on the cloth was very common because no sanitary pads were available at that time.

Superstitious Beliefs

Black dresses are unlucky

In modern days thanks to the air conditioners and air cooler who has made our living easy, people are able to travel in cabs and buses those are air-conditioned. You don’t have to sweat in summer while travelling from one place to another.

So, wear anything you like no matter if it is green or black no doubt black is one of the most favourite colors to many of us, because of its elegance especially that we derive after wearing it, different styles and fashion of dresses are available that you can try on yourself.

But during ancient times there was no AC or Air conditioner and wearing black led to the loss of energy while travelling in summer or under the hot scorching sun. Black is such a color that does not reflect back any light only absorbs it, therefore, the sunlight is absorbed and not reflected back draining of energy, so the black color was restricted to be unlucky.

Superstitious Beliefs

Twitching of Eyelids

Unlucky! Something wrong is going to happen. Twitching of eyelids indicates signs of stress, fatigues and wind pollution. So, it was said that twitching of eyes is an indication of bad health.

Contraction of muscles, tissues and nerves are the reason of twitching of eyelids. These abnormalities of the twitching of eyes may lead to bad health.

Superstitious Beliefs

These are superstitious beliefs – So! It may be that our ancestors had an idea of the problems that we can face but did not know the reason or way to explain them that has led us to agree that those were all Superstitious Beliefs but thanks to the science and technology that has helped our generation to work on the differences created between the years.

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