Never Place Shiva Linga In These Corners Of The House

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Lord Shiva is believed to be kind to his devotees. Offering prayers to him is not hard at all if devotees can pray from deep within their souls. Compared to other Lords, the devotees can connect more closely to Shiva. This is the reason the strongest creator of the Trimurti is also called “Bham Bhole”. The most innocent and simple life of this God is connected to human life. Luxury, money, and greed cannot influence him all he needs is simplicity and creations. But while placing the Lord of the mountains at home, it is essential to know a few basic facts when placing Shiva Linga. As placing them at any corner of a room may bring negative energy to the home and family.

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Never Face the Shiva Linga Idol At the North

Placing any idol or picture facing the north direction of the house is not preferable. Lord Shiva’s idol cannot be placed facing the north as it does not bring in any positive vibes. So always avoid these specific directions to place lords. Ishaan Kon according to the Vaastu is always the best for placing any temple or idols. North-east is known as the Ishan Kon which is best to avoid all kinds of negative energy.
But for Lord Shiva, the best place is placing him on the north and facing towards the south direction. It helps in increasing peace in the house. Removing lethargy, laziness, and quarrels inside the house.

Permissible south but you facing north or east
The southern corner of the house can be preferable for placing Lord Mahdev’s idol or linga. Also, the west is reserved for Nandi, the Vahana of Lord Shiva. Nandi should always face Lord Shiva and so he should oppose Nandi in the temple. Mostly in temples, it is so, but in homes or houses, temples generally have Shiva Linga. An idol of black stone can be placed on the south unless you can offer prayer sitting north or east directions.
Apart from placing the idol of a lord, sitting and praying position and direction becomes essential.

Place Shiva Linga on the North

Placing Lord Shiva is considered the best for Lord Shiva. If there is enough space to create a space at the North for him it can bring the best positivities. Better to avoid other directions and corners of the house. When image or idol can be placed in Mahadev’s favorite direction.
North is the direction in which Mt. Kailash the home of Mahadev stands high. It is the place he had spent hundreds of years meditating. So, do it if it is possible to avoid the other corners. Placing him in the north is the appropriate place.

Om, the symbol should be placed at the entrance to bring good vibes to the house. Keeping away the evils away from the house. Also, avoid angry or Rudra images of which may bring anger and sadness around further if put in the wrong directions in the house. Meditation pictures of Lord Shiva are considered to be the best picture that one should place at home. Shiva Linga can be placed as a beautiful decor and praying idol at the same time.

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