Religion or Spirituality? Get Your Act Together!


Follow religion! Be spiritual! Believe in God! Know your soul!

These and many such advices are screaming through in our lives by thousands on a daily basis! Yet, hardly a few of them actually understand what is it being said to us and what needs to be done! We almost always get confused between religion and spirituality and think they are the same. Are they? Let’s clear it out for you!

Broadly speaking, religion is all about worshipping something or someone, following a set of rules and performing rituals to praise your God, in order to find God! Spirituality on the other hand is all about you, your salvation, and your journey without any compulsions of rules or rituals.

If we look at them closely, these are two different ideologies with different processes and different results.

Let’s show you how:

1) Religion Ties You Down, Spirituality Sets You Free

Religion asks you to follow a way of life and adhere to certain principles with consequences to face if not done properly, but spirituality asks you to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice about right or wrong.

2) Religion Scares You, Spirituality Offers Courage

Any religion on the planet asks you to do this or that unless you want to face the punishment. Spirituality on the other hand lets you know that love conquers all and how you should stand tall in the face of worst possible fears without worrying about the consequences. Religion cuts your wings, spirituality gives you new ones!

3) Religions Preach, Spirituality Believe In Self-Learning

Every religion teaches a way to God, the path to be followed. Spirituality tells you to know yourself and make your own path as we all are different individuals with different sensibilities and needs. Seeking higher truth is the way of spirituality, following a well-trodden path is religion’s forte!

4) Multiple Religions, One Spirituality

There are a variety of religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewish, etc., all claiming to be the best while spirituality talks about the oneness of all. We all might be different human beings in various parts of the world, but at the core we all are same and made of the same matter. Hence the higher truth for all of us is going to be the same!

5) Religion Gives You Crutches, Spirituality Takes Them Away

When you follow a religion, you get an impression that only this religion and this way of life is good for you without knowing if there can be something more to life. Spirituality just gives you the freedom to be independent and take your own decisions and follow your inner calling. Deciding your own rights and wrongs with conviction help you listen to the call of your soul without anyone else telling you what is right or wrong!

For mere mortals like us, the easiest path is of religion as we are conditioned for spoon-feeding. But if you want to really grow as a human being and be at peace from inside-outside, the path is bit difficult, but enriching and that is the spiritual path! Without fear of punishment, without anyone else asking you to follow certain things out of fear, you can listen to your heart and do what it feels is right.

Think about it!

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