Animals Who We Would Love To Have As A Pet


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France

So when I talk about animal love it just goes beyond limits and any pet owner will unconditionally love his or her pet it does apply on all the animals.

So when people keep dogs, cats, parrots as a pet how about having a panda as a pet at your home? IF this happens, the PETA people might just crash into my place because we just cannot have some lovely animals as a pet a home.

In India, keeping a tiger as a pet is illegal but if you go overseas there are many countries which allow you to keep a tiger as a pet!

So we have come up with some list of Animals we would love to have as a pet

Polar Bear

I wish I could just live in Arctic Circle to just be around them. Polar bear are the animals of the arctic habitat that can both swim in a sea and walk on land. Their fury and cute appearance can melt anyone’s heart and if you spend some time on National Geographic or Discovery Channel, you would just love to see them laze around the snow of the Arctic Circle. Given a chance, I guess anyone would just love to have them as a pet.

Polar bear

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