Historical Facts You Need To Know About Shani Dev

Shani Dev

Shani dev – Shani is one planet from the Navgraha, or the nine primary celestial being in the Hindu astrology. Planet Saturn is the repository of Shani and he is the lord of Saturday. The seventh day of the week which is Saturday is named after lord Shani.

However, the word Shani is derived from ‘ Shanaye Kramati Sa’ which means the one who moves slowly. It is said so because Saturn takes around 30 years to rotate around the Sun.

There are other names of Shani too such as Shanaiscarya, Saneesvara or Shanidevta. Shani dev is widely worshipped across India during Saturdays to lessen the malefic effects of Karma. It is said that Shani punishes and rewards so appeasing him is a prerequisite among the Indian devotees.

Here are a few interesting facts about Lord Shani that you need to know to stay updated:

A few important words about Shani Dev:

Shani is the son of Surya or the Hindu Sun God whose wife is Chhaya or the shadow goddess hence lord Shani is called Chhayaputra. Shani is the cousin of Yama, who symbolizes death according to the Hindu mythology. According to the Hindu mythology, once Shani Dev opened his eyes as a kid and Sun went into an eclipse which proves his gamut of power. People, who follow the path of betrayal, backstabbing or unjust are reprimanded by shani.

The appearance of Shani Dev:

Shani dev is clothed in black and he holds a sword in his hand. He also carries a dagger and two arrows. His vehicle is a raven while he is alternatively mounted on two black vultures too.

What is the role of Shani Dev in the lives of people?

The effect of Shani on one’s life completely depends on the positioning of the planet in the native’s birth chart. There are people who face a lot of hardships in the path of success, they are said to have Shani Dosha which can only be curbed by appeasing him through offering prayers. In the same manner, if Shani has positive effects in your life, you will scale enormous growth. Shani dev is known as Kapilaksha or Sauri who holds the authority to erase the bad luck from a person’s life completely. Worshipping Shani will also curtail the evil influences and you will be able to lead a prosperous life.

Shani is considered to be an evil planet and the fact is false:

Because Shani has the authority to punish people for their wrong deeds, it is often considered to be an evil planet which is not true. Shani doesn’t harm anyone unintentionally and is a pretty slow moving planet at that who keeps a watch on every human being on earth.

What Shani dev symbolizes?

Shani Dev symbolizes many things such as discipline, hard work, decision making. Those who don’t follow the righteous path in life, Shani punishes them.

Shani Dev is all about positivity and leadership skills. He advocates honesty and justice in both personal and professional life but sadly, he is misunderstood a lot.

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