#Salim4Ggn: Did Yogendra Yadav Change Name For Muslim Votes?

Yadav has been accused by AAP members of changing his name to ‘˜Salim’ when addressing Muslim population.

In what should be called another low in the political scenario of the country, Aam Aadmi Party leader and psephologist Yogendra Yadav has been accused of changing his name to a Muslim one to get the community votes.

Yadav, who had given a very fiery speech in Mewat sparking controversy when he had said that there will be fire all over the country if Modi becomes PM, has been accused by AAP members of changing his name to ‘Salim’ when addressing Muslim population.

As Business Standard reports too, AAP’s Gurgaon district convener and national council member, Ramesh Yadav, who publicly resigned along with some other workers says. “He [Yadav] is a double-faced man. When he is in Mewat, which is a Muslim dominated area, he calls himself Salim.”

This quote is supplemented by another quote, wherein a ‘relative’ of Yadav clarifies that “Salim is Yadav’s nickname and only his most intimate family calls him that. He would never advertise it.”

Business Standard further gives information that Devendra Singh, Yadav’s father, had chosen the nicknames Salim and Najma for his children.

But it seems his relative did not understand Yadav completely and the latter is trying to garner votes by taking advantage of his father’s secularism. Afterall, the idea of getting votes by projecting himself as one of ‘them’ is lucrative and faring in politics without any policy and ideas in hand is difficult.

Yadav, who is contesting election from Gurgaon, has attracted public ire on this name-changing trick. The twitter is full of wrath and many tweeples showed their dismay in many ways.

Here is a look:









This was not the end of it. Tweeples went on using their imagination and picking a name for Yadav for each country that he may visit. Like in Nepal he will be called Yogendra Thapa, in West Indies he will be Yogendra Gayle, in Russia he will be Yuri Yadav and so on.

In fact the page on Yadav in Wikipedia has been changed and it now includes this nickname of his.

The recent developments in the functioning of AAP on election eve and its past in Delhi have clearly shown that the party is no different from any other party. In fact it poses to be more dangerous as it lacks any economic or any solid idea on the policy front and is essentially anti-establishment.

But the point which is more important for today’s context is how Election Commission will react to this name-changing game. Will EC take notice and summon Yadav AKA Salim?

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