“Gita Jayanti” Birthday of Bhagawat Gita The Holy Book

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Reviving the history of the birth of the holy book of the Hindus; the tale of Lord Krishna and the battle of Kurukshetra has played the main role. So, it is during the battle Lord Krishna had preached about the realistic and philosophical teachings to the Great Warrior Arjuna. The immortal verses and preaches are brilliantly folded in the epic of Mahabharata celebrated on “Gita Jayanti”.

It was during the 18th day of the battle of Kurushetra when Arjuna wanted to give up as a warrior. During the battle, several innocent people had died that had shaken Arjuna who planned to drop his weapons. Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu preaches, convinces him to complete his duty as a Kshatriya instead of thinking about the deaths and the misgivings during the battle.

The active connection between the mind, body, and soul was mentioned while explaining the reality. The truth about the body that is not immortal but the soul are; Verses of the Upanishads with the philosophical believes are present. It was the day when the  Bhagwat Gita was born; Lord Krishna’s preaching to the Warrior Arjuna is still believed in modern times.

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Activities on Gita Jayanti

Specifically, the preaching from “Gita” the holy or sacred book is practiced regularly knowingly or unknowingly. It is celebrated worldwide as the preaching of Lord Krishna and the believer’s chants from the Vedas, Upanishads that are present in this sacred book.

The Birthday of Bhagawat Gita is celebrated mostly in November, according to the Hindu Calendar it is on the Shukla Paksha. On this specific and auspicious day, the followers of Lord Krishna celebrate the day by different rituals and chants by priests. Bhagawad Gita is the sacred book of the Hindu religion, on Jayanti, all the 700 verses are recited by the scholars.

On the 11th day of the Waxing moon, this day is auspiciously celebrated when the sermons are heard. ISKCON is one of the popular places where the recitals are carried out with Yagyas, arati, and other activities such as dance-dramas from the pieces of Mahabharata. This enables the followers and worshippers to understand the importance of the preaches of Krishna.

Kurukshetra is the longest battle that was fought for 18 days to win the dynasty of Hastinapura. According to Mahabharata the war between the Kauravas and Pandavas led to the greatest battle between the two families of Hastinapura. Lord Krishna did not participate in the war directly but had supported the war as the evil versus the good. So, Krishna helped and directed the Pandavas to fight the war and win the battle. The sermons that were recited by the lord while supporting and specifying to follow the right path are from the Mahabharata, though he did not directly participate in the war but was present as a charioteer.

Winning the Kurukshetra battle was possible at the fingertip for Krishna but he wanted the warriors to fight and win the battle with confidence. The importance of the Mahabharata and the recitals in Bhagavat Gita is still followed and the birthday is celebrated as Gita Jayanti.

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