Worst things to do when in a relationship

Stick to your saner selves and avoid making any of these mistakes…


Stick to your saner selves and avoid making any of these mistakes…

Talking about ex: Being gripped by nostalgia is always a heart-warming experience, but it may not be so or your partner if you talk about your ex affairs and ex lovers more often than not. No matter how open and accepting your current partner seems to be, it pinches quite hard when you share those anecdotes and the worst is when you compare your current with your ex. Please take off those lovey dovey photos of you and your ex from the wall, table, wallet, etc.

OTT with FB: It’s a beautiful thing if you have got married or engaged, with your lover or someone else, and we do like those pics you put on Facebook and even congratulate you guys. But that’s it. Please stop making an excessive declaration of your marriage or engagement on FB. We understand that one photo where you are standing in jaymala with your beloved is the closest to you, but that may not be the case with us, so please spare us from being exposed to it every time we log onto our account. And please, for god sake, stop updating your status with those overtly ‘honey sugar’ texts.

PDA: Public Display of Affection is one of the most annoying things for others, whoever is looking at you or just happens to be there.  Please be in your senses at public places and don’t lose the comprehension that there are other people in the world. Control yourselves and refrain from digging your tongues into each other’s throats at parties, even if they are a friends’ places, and come out of your oblivion. People exist and they can see.

Avoiding other friends: It actually gets to the next level of ditching and at times, being ignorant and rude. It’s good that you have got hooked up with someone, but you don’t have to forget all your other friends to the point that they start feeling insignificant in your lives. They have been with you all along, through the thick and thin of life and have put up with all your crap, and you may have done the same for them, so they are really important and it hurts when you start leaving them out of your life’s picture completely.

Complain: It is normal to become hypersensitive in a relationship but you don’t have to lose your mind and senses, and turn small, insignificant issues and problems into gigantic mountains. It is understandable that you would like your affair to be perfect and last long, but complaining about issues which aren’t issues at all is not a wise thing to do. The worst is when you call your friends every now and then to bitch about your partners over inconsequential things. Stick to your saner self and be happy, and let others live peacefully as well.  

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