The New Age Bridal Sari

Thanks to the designers who thought of the bride’s plight…


We really can’t imagine our weddings without the traditional six-yard drape. It is nothing short of a high-rated, tedious task that requires the skills of an expert to hunt for the perfect sari for the big day or any of the shadi-related functions. Designers are approached, their numbers stored on speed dials, and showrooms are virtually raided to pick what can better be called the chosen one.

At times, the sari becomes more of an assembled, assorted mix of things – the fabric from somewhere, dyed in a different colour from somewhere else, the entire jing bang (which would translate as the ‘work’ on the sari once it’s done) from an altogether different place, and not to forget the blouse, which goes through many stages of reworks and approvals until it meets the fancy of the bride, her mom, other women in the family and her friends. Prepping up the wedding sari becomes an occasion in itself.

Looking at the many fashion and bridal couture weeks that happened this year, one could see the emergence of the New Age bridal sari – the sari gown. At first, we really need to thank our designers who thought of a bride’s comfort on the most special day of her life, above everything else. I can relate with all those women who must have heaved a sigh of relief looking at the sari gown.

They really make a mess out of the bride on her own wedding day. She carries way too much weight on herself, courtesy the heavy sari and jewellery, and in certain cases, we can’t overlook the makeup. She really has to try her guts out to walk carefully and avoid tripping. She has to walk, climb the stairs, and of lately, I have seen people putting the bride and the groom on a stage which rotates while they exchange the garlands. Did anyone think of the poor, loaded bride, who is already struggling to avoid any embarrassment, and now you make her go merry-go-round?

The drama starts from days before the actual wedding – the sangeet ceremony. The idea is to dance and sing, while the soon-to-be bride joins everyone in the revelry. But she is so heavily decked, that she has to think twice before lifting her leg. So what’s the use? This is also when the sari gown will come into picture. It combines the six yard staple’s classic structure with the practicality of a zipped-up gown. The result is a light-weight sari that won’t come undone when you hit the floor. How convenient!

Designers like Masaba Gupta, Monisha Jaising, Anamika Khanna, Varun Bahl and Tarun Tahiliani have all come up with their own versions of the sari gown. And I am sure, even if you are looking for a cheaper option, you will find plenty of those inspired creations in your budget. If you want to add more fun to your ensemble, think of neons, cutwork, peek-a-boo laces and a deconstructed jacket instead of a blouse. Have fun shopping!


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