10 most talented Stand-up comedians who changed the way We look at it


Comedy is the inner-breath of your existence and it kisses away fatigue from the daily toil like magic. The only evening recreation for most of us is surfing through the funny videos which boost the mood in an instant. Social media has spread bigger wings and given us easy access to celebrity lives and their performances through Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. Stand-up comedians have chosen these platforms as their stages to reach out to bigger number of masses and mended the entire idea of stand-up comedy with wittier, smarter, relatable, bolder and way more spontaneously floated wisecracks.

Here are 10 stand-up comedians who rocked the boat:

Zakir Khan:

This writer, comedian and presenter who won the Comedy Central’s India’s Best Comedian competition, is also a part of a News Comedy Show On Air with AIB. His father recognized his talent and furnished all the requisite support so that he made it big now. Zakir was a co-host in All India Bakchod alongside Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba and there are numbers of his comedy videos in Youtube from which the middle-class pride one wins the cake.


Aditi Mittal:

She is one of the first women stand-up comedians of India cocks a snook at stereotypes with her emboldened sarcasm. She made her debut in stand-up comedy in a solo show ‘Things they wouldn’t let me say’ in July 2013 at the Canvas Laugh Factory and rest is history. Here’s her bra-shopping comedy video that is most hilarious of them all.

Rahul Subhramanian:

Rahul Subhramanian hails from Mumbai who had penchant for comedy for his childhood. His punches hit slow but hard. His jokes are savage and witty. Check out it the video link below:

Amit Tandon:

Amit Tandon is another stupendous stand-up comedian who took the Indian comedy scene by storm. Here is a video link, check it here.

Varun Thakur:

He is an actor and comedian rolled into one who is also a founder of the comedy group Schitzengiggles that’s more into stand-up, improve and sketch comedy. Varun is one of the people who pioneer a new genre in Indian comedy.


Abish Mathew:

He is extensively known for All India Bakchod who is also regarded as one of the most unique comedians of the nation. His work with East India Company had most draw with Indian masses and he performed internationally from New York to Holland.

Daniel Fernandez:

He is based in Mumbai and his comic timing is completely unique. His style also deserves a special mention as it is surreal and dark. He mostly brings forth the social issues through his performances.

Rohan Desai:

Rohan Desai proved himself to be a true gem when he pulled off the nervous and awkward comedian act with complete sass. Here is the video link.

Karunesh Talwar:

He is known for out-of-the-box thinking and execution of them in the most humorous way. His unusual jokes always tickle our funny bones.

Navin Richard:

Navin Richard is famous for his practical jokes as he takes some leaf out of his past, mostly from his childhood and coming-of-age experiences. It is always wonderful to see him derive most unusual jokes from the most usual matters.


These are the comedians who made a name for themselves.


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