5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend!


It’s never easy to understand what may offend your woman…

But then a smart man is one who knows what never to utter to his lady love.

In case you aren’t aware of those things you should never say to your girlfriend, don’t worry we are here to enlighten you with the most important points. Well you can thank me later 😉

So here’s your bible guys, remember these are the 5 things you should never say to your girlfriend ever!

Going on and on about your ex!


Yes even if she asks about your ex, remember not to bring your ex up in front of her. Forget about praising your ex, you shouldn’t even slam your ex in front of your girlfriend. You never know when that can cause world war 3 in your life. A woman remember everything you once told her so make sure you remember this point well.

Are you on your periods?


This one is the winner and one of the most important thing you should never say to your girlfriend. If you think woman get moody only when they are PMS-ing, then you are wrong. Her irrational behavior could be because of anything but asking her this might put you in a danger zone. So beware not to say this to your woman.

You look fat!


We are taught honesty is the best policy but only in this case forget honesty. Even if she asks you- Do I look fat? and even if the answer is yes, better not say it. They might not say it, but this will offend her the most and it can bring trouble for you boy. So make sure you never answer this question at any cost.

Your friend looked hot!


Even if this sound like a compliment for her best friend, beware you don’t need to tell her. Telling her that girl or even a known friend looked hot might really make her wonder, if you were checking another girl. Be ready for lot of explanations if by mistake you said this to your girlfriend. Rather than explaining your girl, better not to say that to her, no?

Can you stop being emotional?


Even if you keep telling her this, it won’t work boys. Yes we are the most emotional of all the genders but asking us not to get emotional is just asking us not to talk and you know that’s against the rules. Don’t ever preach her not to get too emotional, because you will waste your time and energy by saying this.

So which of these things you’ve already said to your girlfriend? And what was her reaction?

For rest if you haven’t said any of these things to your girlfriend, very good! Please continue to zip it up when it comes to these 5 things.

And girls don’t forget to share what more you don’t like hearing from your partner in the comments section below.

Lets just make it easier for boys to understand us a bit 😉

All the best guys!

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