5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend!


Guys are mostly pretty easy-going, they don’t really let things go into their heads till the time you said something that can actually hurt them.

Admit it, sometimes we tend to say things may be in anger or in a flow that we don’t really mean but those words can really affect our man and if you keep saying it, it might have a negative impact on your relationship.

So today I am going to share things you should never say to your boyfriend no matter what!

I don’t like your friends and also hate when you hang around with them!

Guys treasure their friendships more than anything and anyone. You might be in their life now, but their friends have been with him since forever. So never come between him and his friends. Guys don’t really like when you tell him who he shouldn’t hang around with or he should talk to. You may not like his friends, but try to keep it to yourself if you don’t want to miff your guy.

You are still a mamma’s boy, can you try and be a man?

Calling them a mamma’s boy might not hurt them as they love their mom a lot but asking him to be a man might hurt their ego. Guys love being called a man especially by the girl they love. Calling him an immature boy might really make them feel offended. So watch out for it girls.

My ex-boyfriend never used to do this or that!

He may know everything about your ex boyfriend and loved the fact you never hid anything. But never compare him to your ex, never ever, not even call him better than your ex. Most men don’t want to be reminded of the other men in your life, so respect that and never talk about your ex in front of him even if he was a complete jerk.

You are such an amazing guy, how can anyone ditch you? (obviously talking about his ex)

Ok this may sound like a compliment when you call him an amazing guy but mentioning about his ex might hurt him. He may have had a past and though he might have moved on from his ex, things like these will remind him of his ex lover and it can get a bit awkward for you two. Do not talk about the hurt his ex caused him even if you just want to know more about his past relationship.

You don’t love me anymore, ab bore ho gaye kya?

There comes a point in your life when either of you gets busy and don’t have much time to talk or meet, now that’s where this statement comes to picture. Telling him that he don’t love you anymore might hurt him if he loves you more than anything but is just stuck. You might not literally mean it when you say – Are you bored of me? But your man might get offended with this statement of yours. Time to be careful again ladies!

So girls do give it a thought, if you are the one who keeps saying it, it’s time to stop.

They might not say it, but believe it all these loaded phrases are making them cringe inside.

So time to control what you say to your man even if you both are going on since forever!

Have a happy relationship, without hurting your better half!

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