College diaries: 5 things I miss

These are the things I miss from my college days…what about you?

One of these days, I will be going back to college…not as a student, but as a guest lecturer. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my life and I am excited as hell (yeah, my jumping up and down on the bed is testimony to this fact)  As I am packing my bags to revisit my college, I am remembering certain things that I would always associate with my college life. Read on to find out what they are…

Last minute photocopying of notes:
Despite being a good student then, I was always one of those people who would photocopy important notes at the last minute. It would be sort of like a ritual to look for a student who has copied down everything and beg him/her to lend his/her book for a couple of hours so I can quickly photocopy! Strangely, everyone in my group was the same. Last minute panic. Photocopy. Score decently!

Lecture rescheduled SMS:
I absolutely miss this, man! Everyday I would be hoping for the class prefect to send an SMS saying, either lecture cancelled or rescheduled! But that would always happen on my birthdays…I would be so excited about having a fun party, when bam! They would cancel the lecture altogether. Damn it. But yeah, I do miss those texts. They used to have the power to either make or break my day. Don’t you agree with me?

Bunking lectures:
Oh, the joy of bunking lectures and watching movies! If you haven’t mass-bunked and gone for ‘first day first show’ movies, you haven’t lived at all! The pleasure lies in eating a large tub of cheese popcorn and hooting at your favorite actor/actress without a single care in the world. There’s something magical about watching movies slyly! Do you agree with me or not?

Crushing on classmates:
I remember having crushes on every other cute boy in college. From boys across divisions to bench-mates, I have had the hots for almost everybody! Oh, the fun of dressing up, stuttering in front of them, timing canteen visits to accidentally bump into them and clearing out ‘doubts’, and so on. in fact, crushing on someone keeps your heart healthy as the sudden rush helps in pumping blood! Woohoo…

Shopping for cool stuff!
Back in college, I would constantly shop for cool gadgets and hep clothes…to ‘fit in’ (whatever that means) and to feel awesome about myself. From having the latest phones to putting on fake accents, I miss this fun phase. Now that I am earning and can actually afford fancy phones, I am using a very basic one. Ah, talk about growing up!

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