Beware These 5 Things May Ruin Your Relationships!


You may mean the world to them, you may have the best memories with them but there are few things that may ruin the perfect relation you share with them, be it your best friend or your lover.

Every relation has its own struggle. Lets just admit it we all are different personalities and sometimes it gets tough to behave in a certain way.

We don’t want to lose these relationships so probably most of the time we ignore these things, but for how long?

Today we talk about those 5 things that may ruin your relationships.

So read on to know which of these things you need to change if you don’t want to lose the most treasured relationship ever!


Yes my friend your ego is one of those factors. Sometimes in any arguments or say even when we don’t agree on something we bring our ego in between. There are things that you may consider right, but never think that makes it right for everyone else. You just want to be proven right no matter what. Keep that aside! As they say ego ruins everything…and yeah its true. Put your ego aside if you don’t want to lose some relations in your life.


Sometimes when we make someone a part of our life, we think they are only ours. Jealousy is normal in any relationship but too much of it is harmful. He’s my best friend so he should only be mine, Please maintain a distance from other girls because I don’t like you talking to others- these are some of the examples that shows your jealousy is growing and that you need to trust your partner or friend. You should never feel threatened because of others. Everyone’s place is different in our life and one must respect that. Too much of jealousy can ruin any beautiful relation, remember it!


“We stopped being friends because she became very selfish. I ignored for a long time but then feelings changed and I couldn’t fake it anymore’, shared Ankita about her best friend of 8 years.

Has this ever happened with you? If either you or your partner or friend has this trait, let me remind you, your relation won’t go any further. These days it’s give and take in any relationship, if only one is giving and the other is only taking without giving it back, it can bring scars in your relationship. Not necessarily today but it will for sure, if one or both continues to be selfish.


Someone has truly said it ‘If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love’…

When your care turns into control that’s what define possessiveness. It only arises when you think your position in other person’s life is threatened but remember it, your over possessive nature would ruin it even more. You need to give your friends or partner some space to breathe. Going overboard with this one can frighten anyone and they may want to run away from you. So ensure you never let this feeling in your relationship.

Care, when it’s no more!

When you stop caring for someone it shows on your behaviour. The other person might not say it, but they notice it in your behaviour. When you don’t care about the existence of others in your life, the others might even not care to be a part of your life. The day you stop caring, that is the start of an end of a beautiful relation you once shared with someone..

Do you agree with this?

If you want those special people to stay in your life, never let any of these come between you guys!

Cherish the best moments you spent and forget the negatives, nothing in the world can ruin your relation!

Be good, do good and never expect or demand that’s the mantra of an amazing relation and trust me it wont hurt you ever.

Good luck!

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