6 Clear Cut Signs That Prove You’re Infatuated And Not In Love!

Signs You’re Infatuated

Signs You’re Infatuated

Infatuation and love are two different things.

Yes, they are often mistaken by many people; and that’s the reason they end up doing something that they shouldn’t really do. Let me break it for you – Infatuation is a short-lived attraction or passion towards someone or something, whereas Love is a deep affection or sexual love for someone. Get it?

Sometimes when you’re infatuated, you tend to call it as love. Because during that moment your feelings are so strong that it makes you believe its love. But in reality, it’s the opposite. It is not a secret that many relationships have been broken because of this one particular mistake.

Now, if you don’t want to get your heart broken or waste your time on something that’s not real, here are clear cut signs of infatuation that you must know.

Signs You’re Infatuated : –

  1. You become selfish

When you’re infatuated, you become so obsessed with the opposite person that you want them to leave everything and be with you 24/7. In this scenario, you don’t want them to leave your side, so you go out of way sometimes. Whereas where you’re in-love, you try to understand each other and the feeling of obsession is not so strong. In short, when you’re infatuated, you become selfish.

  1. You keep day-dreaming

In love, this happens. But, there’s not so much involvement. Whereas when you’re infatuated, you keep day-dreaming about “that guy” or “that girl” you like the most. It’s like people around you can easily tell what’s wrong with you today and every-day. You know, that’s how it is.

  1. Stalking becomes your favorite part

Stalking? Yes, that’s what you do when you’re attracted towards someone. You go on Instagram and then you like all their Pics and you even save some of ‘em. Plus, when you open their FB account, you go through all their pictures over and over again. This is all a part of infatuation.

  1. You study their eyes, hands, body…everything

You literally check out everything about ‘em. When they are talking, you will continuously look at their face, and then their hair and their Shirt…damn literally every little thing. It’s like, you are totally obsessed etc etc…

  1. You talk about them 24/7

Well, when it’s love, everyone knows how to keep things real and in-between each other. But when you’re infatuated, you talk about them 24/7. You will catch your close friend, and then talk about your so-called crush, sometimes you even talk alone. You know, that’s how crazy you become.

  1. You rush to get things done

It’s like; if tomorrow he comes and proposes you then you will quickly say “yes”. Even though you’ve known him for like 1-3 month, you are all ready to give it all. You rush things i.e. you want them to understand you, stay with you etc. In love, you don’t rush things to happen.

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