5 Things You Shouldn’t Reveal To Your Friends About Your Relationship

Things you shouldn't reveal to your friends

“Things you shouldn’t reveal to your friends”

Well, sometimes all in excitement people go on sharing every detail about their relationship with friends. But is reality, revealing everything that takes place between the two of you is better when not shared with anyone. And, that includes best-friends too!

Undoubtedly, the secrets are only safe and sound between the two of you ! (Yes, and that’s true)

Here are 5 Things you shouldn’t reveal to your friends – Just scroll down and read ‘em out:-    

  1. Details about your partner’s life

Yes, sharing details about your partner is actually not a good idea. And, that includes every bit of a detail that your partner shares with you only because he/she trust you.  The details include e.g. strength and weakness etc. and all of that shouldn’t be revealed to your friends at any cost.

  1. History about your partner’s relationships

On a simple note if you don’t want your partner to be on your friends gossiping list then it’s best to avoid sharing the past relationship of your partner. It’s true that your friends will be willing to know about who he/she dated earlier but it’s better to avoid telling them about it.

Remember-your partner shared his past relationship talk only because he trusted and obviously he doesn’t want anybody else to know about it further.

  1. Sex life

No wonder, friends are sometimes curious to know all about the intimacy between you and your partner. Agree? But, don’t you ever share any secrets about your sex-life.

In simple words, your friends might laugh it out about these things that you shared and so on. But, seriously if you don’t want your partner to be the butt of a joke then you better avoid talking this point with ‘em.

  1. Chat history

Ladies, you will certainly relate to this point. But, let me tell you it isn’t good as it looks like. Yes! Well, the romancing chats should be kept under wrap and they shouldn’t be exposed all over in your friends’ mind-dictionary so that they can enjoy it.

  1. Fights

Every relationship has fights. Right? It’s quite simple that you want somebody to hear you out when you have fight with your partner. But, it’s better if you self-understand it.

The thing is if you talk about your fight with your friends they’ll come up with something and you will feel even more messed up.

And also, Some of ‘em has the habit of taking advantages of such things and you might not even know about it; so it’s better to be safe because if you’re mature enough the fight between you and your partner is obviously going to end.

These are some of the Things you shouldn’t reveal to your friends..

Are there any points that you would love to share? Do comments below.

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