7 Obvious Signs That Show You Are More Than Friends Now!


It’s often said that love’s first step is friendship but it is difficult to understand whether friendship has grown to love or not.

Are you too confused whether it’s just a platonic friendship or it has developed into romantic relationship?

Then read on our low down on signs that confirm your friendship may be entering in more than friends or to love area:

1.  You chat with him incessantly and read his messages again and again.

You can’t wait to check your phone to see the latest text from him and you guys are up in the middle of the night busy chatting.



2.  You do not like when he talks or flirts with someone else.

If this is true then you should note that jealousy doesn’t come out of nowhere and this reason could be your love for your friend.



3.  You feel bad when your friend is not around you.

You hang out with each other often and if you feel disappointed when he cancels plans to meet up then it showcases the signs that you’ve boarded the love express train!



4.  He shares with you all things and you too want to know about him.

He places his trust in you and shares his dreams, aspirations also about his family too.  You too like to know more about his family, about his likes-dislikes and about his folks.



5.  You want him to be happy forever!

You care about his happiness and wants the best for him! He too would do everything which makes you smile every time. He is always there to support you and help you whenever you are in need.



6. His name pops up in most of your conversations with others.

You always bring up his names when you talk to your family members or friends. The amount of times you mention his name in a day is a good indication of how much he’s on your mind.



7.  When you meet his friends, they already know you as they have heard ‘so much about you!’ 

As he too would have revealed about you the way you do.



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