5 Signs That Indicate Your Marriage Might Be Over!


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”.

Does this stand true for you?

Marriage is termed as a sacred bond.  After marriage you are made to believe…And they lived happily ever after, but it’s just a lie you are told to believe.

Sometimes even when you are still married to your partner, you feel like everything you once shared with them is over. You feel like you want to quit, but stay because it’s also tough to walk out of a marriage.

Here we list some signs that show there’s definitely some trouble brewing in your married life.

When you don’t communicate


Communication is very much important for any relationship. Even if you have issues in your marriage and you still don’t talk, then sadly there’s already trouble in your paradise. Lack of communication in a marriage is a very bad sign, especially if you are talking to others and not your own partner. When you don’t even express your emotions to them, how will you survive the life long relation of marriage?

When you don’t respect each other


Just like trust and communication, mutual respect for each other is also one of the most important factor for a successful marriage. If your partner always tries to pull you down, make you feel rejected or dismissed, this is again a bad sign for your marriage.

When you are disconnected from each other


I know in today’s time, when both the partners are working, or if only one is working, it gets difficult to spend some quality time together. But they say it’s all about priorities. If most of the time, you or your partner is spending more time on other things than each other, it’s again a sign that indicates you have moved on from each other.

When there is no intimacy left


Agree or not, passion and intimacy both physical and emotional is very important for a healthy marriage. If you don’t feel the kiss anymore, these are early signs you are drifting apart. Making love is one of the most important way we show closeness and affection for each other, and if you lack some action between the sheets, you need to add some spice to your marriage and save yourself from the heartbreak.

If you stop putting each other first


If you can’t make your partner your priority, your marriage is going to suffer.

If you are self-centered, chances are your partner will feel ignored and neglected at all times and this could hamper your marriage. Marriage is a give and take relation, sometimes you have to ensure your partner’s needs are met while also making sure your own needs are met too. You have to understand and value each other’s needs to be happy in your marriage.

I know sometime it’s tough to survive a bad marriage, but if you really want to make it work, your efforts will count. Both the partners have to communicate and try to rekindle the romance and love that’s missing in their marriage after sometime.

Before quitting and moving always think there must be a reason you held this relation for long.

If this sounds like you or your marriage, you should work on your marriage before it’s too late. Trust me things can always be fixed. There is always hope, all you need is to make it your priority.

Talk to each other, make each other feel loved and secure.


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