15 MEN Who Had An Abusive GF Revealed How They Escaped The Relationship And It Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

Men In Abusive Relationship

Men In Abusive Relationship – When it comes to abusive relationships, some people always think that girls are the only victims in it. But, the recent Reddit post will certainly prove them wrong as it opens up about the other side of coin.

Men on Reddit opened up about their abusive GF who made their LIFE hell. They even revealed how they bravely escaped the relationship.

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  1. Literally an “Are you in an unhealthy relationship?” poster in my office building. I walked by it every day, and eventually took it seriously.
  2. I asked her to stop. She told me she has the right to beat me. I said that was it. Next morning, she started again. She was arrested and took a plea deal. I never looked back.
  3. Was with a girl that turned out to be a hardcore alcoholic, and wasn’t even 21. Also did cocaine and pills. Would try and beat the fuck out of me when drunk. Was also emotionally abusive. She actually broke up with me because I was lame and complained when I found out she lied about being at parties and shit. She tried to get back with me and fucking stalked me, sought out my family members in public and harassed them. Waited in the parking lot for me to get out of the gym. It was fucking weird. I eventually moved away.
  4. She was abusive of me financially. I stopped talking to her and moved out.
  5. She was mentally ill and threatened suicide often, freaking out of I left her alone more than an hour. she was a student and I worked 9-5, so these freak outs were often, and if I was in a meeting the poor receptionist would get an earful. I carefully planned my exit for months and waited until she was out of town with family and did a midnight move.
  6. I said I don’t want to be in a relationship where you hate me.
  7. Finally accepted the help of my best friend who got me to break up with her.
  8. Cut them off with the support of friends who also noticed the toxicity.
  9. I moved states and blocked her on everything. After a few months she stopped trying to contact me.
  10. I just had some really spectacular friends that saw I was in a lot of emotional pain and guided me in the right direction. I broke up with her over the phone, which some may think is disrespectful, but you know what? I think that’s all the respect she deserved from me.
  11. It took her parents confronting me and telling me I need to get out. They saw how she treated me and politely suggested maybe I should break up with her. They were awesome people, and if it weren’t for their advice my young, dumb ass likely wouldn’t have gotten out.
  12. I just told her I was done. Well, I had her friend tell her. She threatened to kill herself, and followed me around for a couple months. It was a shitty relationship.
  13. Left the country.
  14. It was rough, I started to distance myself from my friends and even family because she was manipulating me; just recently I’ve finally broke out of that relationship once and for all. I just cut her off cold turkey and watched her plead for me back, but was adamant on our break up. Now I have someone who’s a trillion times better to me :)
  15. Broke up with her and told her how she was a really toxic person in my life, it was just before summer too, so the timing was perfect.

Men In Abusive Relationship – In the end, no matter what who you are, if you are in an abusive relationship and it gets to that point where you just can’t take it anymore, then leaving is certainly is the right thing to do.

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