Guys On Reddit Reveal The Red Flag Signs In Girls When It Comes To Dating!

Red Flag Signs In Girls

Red Flag Signs In Girls – Just like girls, there are many things that guys usually expect from a girl. You know, girls want a guy to be tall, dark and handsome, right? In the same way, guys want a girl to be understanding, sweet, sexy…maybe the list goes on. When it comes to dating, girls always make up their mind and create a list about “qualities that shouldn’t be there in him”, just like that; there are some things that guys do too. Now, I’m talking about the red signs in girls that guys notice when it comes to really dating a girl.

So, according to the guys on Reddit, here are some red flag signs in girls when it comes to dating ‘em.

  1. She gets jealous easily

Guys on Reddit believe that jealously is a major red flag. Girls need to stop getting jealous over simple things e.g. I had girlfriend who got jealous of my dog. Completely blew my mind. Oh and I had to call the cops on her for breaking the windows out of the front door. I believe that not all girls are this way, but honestly, getting jealous can be harmful.

Guys take note, if any girl is getting jealous over the girl you dated, then it can turn out to be a disaster.

  1. She’s always testing you

Ugh…this can really cause a big trouble and guys need to look out for. A girl who always tests you and puts you in trouble should be completely avoided. Guys believe that a girl who can test you before dating might be someone who is insecure about things.

  1. She is needy

Guys, watch out for this one. A girl who constantly asks you about how much you earn or always asks about your past relationship etc can turn out to be needy. Neediness never goes out easily, so be watchful about it.

  1. She never puts her phone down

Well, girls who are always glued to their cell phones i.e. when you’re together watching a movie, out to eat or everywhere etc, this acts to be a red sign. This thing makes one thing clear and i.e. if you date her than it is quite obvious that you’ll date her phone more than you’ll date her.

  1. Talking about ex all the time

Talking about ex is a red sign. A girl who constantly talks about her ex, even though she’s not being asked about him can do a serious damage. It might be that she’s not really ready to move on and is stuck on her ex. So, if a girl always keeps talking about her ex, then make sure you don’t change your single status quickly.

  1. She always want others to treat her like a princess

Well, a girl who always sticks up to this is certainly not the one you want, right? If you see a girl and find out that she’s demanding and can’t take NO for anything etc, then this can be a major red flag.

  1. Talking about marriage and kids on the first date

A guy revealed “This sounds obvious but for the good of all my bros out there, if that happens then run”. In reality, this indicates that she might be desperate and there might be a possibility that she can force you later to tie the knot as quickly as possible. So, if you’re a guy who really don’t want this to happen then cut if off.

According to the male redditors, these were the red flag signs in girls. Guys, do you have anything to add? Let us know in a comment below.

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