6 Reasons Why Western Wear Should Be Made Compulsory For Working Women!


India has a very long cultural history of ethnic wear dating back centuries and some of it is still being used as a daily wear.

Across various states and cities and towns, the dressing code changes and women dress themselves up in a hue of colours and designs to look beautiful, attractive and carry on with their work.

However, what has come to notice that with changing times and evolution of women from simply being housewives to career-women, the typical Indian dresses haven’t evolved that fast.

In such a scenario to make things easier for women, while retaining and enhancing their beauty, it can be easily recommended for them to wear western wear at work, no matter what kind of job or company they are working in!

Let’s share the 6 major reasons in favour of western wear:

1) Comfort

Saris and salwar-kameez are not uncomfortable, but when women have to travel to work in crowded buses and trains, a shirt-trouser combination or a knee-length skirt with a top always becomes more comfortable. Also, in rains and extreme weather conditions, western wear becomes easier to handle and more comfortable to be in!

2) Covers The Body!

Orthodox Indian men have blamed miniskirts and other kinds of western attire for rape attempts on women while totally forgetting that a sari shows off more than what an official western dress would ever show!

3) Uniformity

If given a choice, women can wear sari, suit or any other combination of attire for work. However, making western wear compulsory would make everyone wear the same clothes and can help in not only brining uniformity to dress code, but would also help in erasing the class differences or religious differences at work place! Everyone can be equal, whether working in the office or working at a factory, no matter what their status in society is or what religion they follow in personal life!

4) Multiple Uses

A kind of sari might be worn for a marriage, but the same can’t be worn at work or at some other social get together. This is not the case with official western dresses, which can be worn no matter what the occasion is! Wear them at work in the morning, then attend a birthday party in the same dress (if you’re short of time) and then can go for a late-night drive wearing the same dress!

5) Maintenance

Compared to yards long saris or tricky salwar-kameez with an added requirement of dupatta, maintaining skirts, trousers, tops, shirts is much easier. Easier to wash and easier to handle in day to day life!

6) Change is inevitable

Change is impossible to be avoided! More and more Indian women are embracing western wear for various reasons and at the same time maintaining their ethnic wear too. Since western wear is not taboo, why not make it part of work life and at social functions let the traditional Indian dresses rule!

No organization can make such a rule in a democratic set-up, but for the benefit of women, someone should bring this change! It is the need of the hour as well!

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