Life lessons through love triangles, crushes and heartbreaks

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What is the one thing we all associate college life with? Is it the cushy job that’s going to follow? No. Is it the chance to explore your horizons? No. It’s the opportunity to interact with the opposite sex. From crushes to love triangles to heartbreaks, you’ll learn life’s most valuable lessons here.

Love triangle:

Every collegian worth his hip factor has been part of a passionate love triangle. Whether it’s two guys fighting over a girl or a girl trying to come between a couple, it’s the norm of a student’s life. Since hormones are on an overdrive and everybody wants to explore everything real fast, college becomes the perfect place to do these things. Love triangle may look mush on the big screen as one of them generously gives away his/her love. But in real life, it’s anything but that rosy. There is pain, anguish and sense of desperation while dealing with this situation.


Life’s lesson:
In the future, there will be situations where somebody else will be picked before you. Whether it’s for a job, renting out a home or even something as basic as making it to the local football club, you’ll not be left flustered or embarrassed.


Crushes are great. They keep you sane and give you a reason to attend college. From crushing over a professor to the cute classmate who wouldn’t even acknowledge your presence, colleges are a great place to meet new people.


Life’s lesson:
It’s called a crush because it’s going to remain unfulfilled. If you do fall in love with that person and go on to marry and have kids, that’s great! But for most of us, crushes are part of the growing up process. Remember that there’s going to something or the other that will remain unfulfilled. May be it could be a language you wanted to learn, a hobby you wanted to pursue or a dream venture you wished to start. Whatever it’s, it’s definitely going to be less painful than watching your crush walk away with someone else.



Those who fall hard in love , get hurt the most when the love ends. But love is a feeling that can’t be mediocre; it has to be deep and passionate. Everybody has had their heart torn apart and feelings stamped upon. The amazing college love that you thought would end up in marriage is now in shambles and the one person you thought you would die without has become a stranger now…ah, college!

Life’s lesson:
Let’s face it. Heartbreaks are one of the worst feelings in the world…akin to pulling your own eyes out and playing marble with them. Those never-ending tears, gut-wrenching pain and the feeling that everything is over teaches you so many things about life that you wouldn’t understand while nursing a broken heart. Because you move on and make a life, you learn to smile, laugh and even fallen in love again. Because nobody has ever died of a heartbreak.

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