Is It Ok To Share Your Bedroom Secrets With Your Friends?


So guys!

You tell your friends everything about your relationship?

You share the Bedroom Secrets with your closest ones! Smallest to the extent of colours of heaven last  time you visited it? Do you?

How often do you talk about sex with your pals?

Do you discuss the favourite positions and pleasure points of the players involved?

Do you rate your sexual escapades with your partner, in front of your friends?

If your answers are yes to all, then I would say, enjoy mate, you sure love your friends way too much!

But you know what they say . . . love them all but trust none!

No matter how close you are to a friend, it’s a bad idea to share all the details of your relationship with your partner.

For a woman, telling the girls about the man’s footlong, or how he takes his time during foreplay is a bad idea.

For a man, sizing up your girlfriend’s cups to boast in front of your dude mates is a foul play!

Guess what? Your friends will want to have a taste of the pleasures you experience with your partner, and where does this lead?

Every woman wishes for a man who takes his time between the sheets. No woman wants a one-minute man who will rush, come quickly and leave her high and dry. Every man wants a girl who has something worth his time between the sheets!

So when you are painting a super luscious picture of the meal you are having, you are inviting them over for dinner too – a dinner that you won’t be attending!

And yes, we are not bringing the commitment issues in the picture here! That is a different subject all together and we are saving it for some other time!

Another scenario could be, if at all, you are NOT satisfied in bed with your partner, and you keep cribbing about it to your friends, it may come across, as if you are fishing for sympathy and sex as the consolation! Are you?

Also, it absolutely, totally disrespectful of your partner if you dish them out to your friends in your casual conversations! Would you feel good if they talk about your sizes and favourite positions so openly in a group, or to anybody for that matter?

If your partner doesn’t like you doing it, and finds out from a friend that you are actually messing it up, just imagine, what disaster your relationship would land in!

Now, it’s absolutely your call how you show and how much you show!

Your love life and Bedroom Secrets are the precious possessions of your relationship meant for you both!

It’s not a free show for all to get some nasty entertainment out of it!

Keep it like that!

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