If You Do Any Of These, Congratulations You Are In Love!

Do you skip a heart beat when you see them?

Or you feel something in your stomach when they are around?

Well these are some of the signs that someone special is around you..

Sometimes even when we are in love, we don’t want to accept that and trust me you are not alone!

So today I am going to tell you some clear signs which might end your confusion whether or not you are in love with that someone special.

Even their thought makes you blush!


They don’t need to be around you to make you blush. Even their thought just makes you smile, and you just can’t stop blushing thinking about the time you spent with them. Do you laugh while thinking about them? Do you smile for absolutely no reason? Well you are trapped, this is one of the sure sign you might be falling in love with them.

Re-reading old text messages or conversation


Yes you do it! It may sound stupid, but hey they say when you are in love, you do things that are silly and weird. This is also one of the sign that you are falling for someone special. Sometimes reading old conversation just makes you smile and you actually try to decode their message just in case you get a sign that even they are interested in you. Don’t you do that?

You look for signals


Whether or not you accept you are in love, you keep looking for signs from your special someone that shows even they are falling for you. You look for even those small signs that might just give you some hints. And yes that smirk on your face just gave you another sign that you are in love 😉

You listen to songs that reminds you of them


Bollywood has spoiled us, every one wants to have a story like Raj and Simran of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and well no complaints. Umm not to distract from the point, so does every song you hear just remind you of them? Do you feel that yes this song is made for your situation only? They say you are, what song you hear, so if Hamari Adhoori Kahani or Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho is on repeat mode in your playlist, you must get the sign re!

You think of them 24*7


Don’t be shy now, yes you literally think about them most of the time. Are they the first person you think of when you wake up in the morning? Or the person you think of when you are trying to sleep? Such an obvious sign this is mate! Admit it now you are falling in love, make sure they catch you 😉

You make them your priority!


Accept it everything else takes a backseat and that someone becomes your priority! Do you adjust your schedules based on their availability? Do you think of them before anything else? They are surely making you fall in love with them, don’t ignore the sign.

So these were some of the signs that might help you in clearing your confusion.

So what do you think? Are you in love?

P.S If you thought about that special someone while reading this, dude you already are in love 😉

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