How being insecure can kill your relationship

Here;s how being insecure can completely ruin your relationship, Read on!

When commitment-phobic finally zero in on the girl of their dreams, they don’t want to be bogged down by ‘insecure’ ladies. And when a free-spirited girl finds love in a man, she doesn’t want him to be patronizing and possessive. We tell you how being insecure can kill your relationship:

Doubts, doubts everywhere: When you start doubting your partner of his/her activities, you are sowing the seeds of insecurity that can escalate into something awful. If you are not convinced with something that he/she had told you about and have reasons to believe that he/she is lying, confront her/him. Don’t let doubts creep in.

No freedom: In this day and age, we have close buddies who belong to the opposite sex and there’s no harm in chilling with them. If your partner gets worked up over hugs, handshakes and casual dates with your best buddies (who are of the opposite sex), it can totally undo whatever you have built together.

Matter of trust: Insecurities arise due to lack of trust between the couple. You’ve to have faith in your partner, let them do things that they enjoy and give them the space they crave for. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you own them. You have to let go, because the more you try to hold it together, the faster it will all fall apart.

Limited friends circle: Your insecurities and jealousy will definitely not make you a hit with your friends. After a point of time, everybody will get tired of your attitude.

No steady relationships: Jealous types never have serious relationships as nobody wants to live with a person who’s constantly nagging and asking them the five Ws and H of life. Being a little possessive can be flattering in the beginning, but it can make you come across as a psycho. You don’t want that, trust us.



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